Coronavirus Factline 2020

Here is the timeline of one of the deadliest pandemic: Coronavirus

Coronavirus Factline 2020: Affected Areas

The World Health Organization has declared a global health emergency as COVID-19, a new type of coronavirus spreads the world. Until today, the virus has reached many countries other than China, the first country to detect the virus in December 2019. Below is the timeline of the virus under the fact line tab of our website.

December 31, 2019: China found unusual pneumonia in its port city, Wuhan

January 1, 2020: China shuts down Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market on the fears of the virus.

January 5: China ruled out the possibility of any link of the virus with SARS that gone pandemic in 2002-2003.

January 7: Chinese officials identified a new virus and named that virus 2019-nCoV. It belonged to the coronavirus family.

January 9: First death due to the virus happened

January 11: China officially announces first death due to the virus.

January 13: Thailand becomes the first country outside of China to report the coronavirus case. She was a woman who arrived from Wuhan city of China.

January 16: Japan confirmed a case. The identified man also came from Wuhan.

January 17: Second death reported in Wuhan. US start screening passengers on its three airports.

In the following days, other countries report confirmed cases including United States, Australia, France, Nepal, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

January 20: China reports third death, and the number of infections reaches more than 200. A Chinese expert confirms the virus can transmit from human to human.

January 22: Death toll reaches 17, and the number of infections cases crosses 550.

January 23: The Chinese government brought Wuhan under effective quarantine.

January 24: Death toll in China reached 26, with more than 830 infections reported. The Chinese government started closing cities and public places to prevent the spread.

January 25: China increased travel restrictions affecting 56 million people. Hong Kong also declared a virus emergency.

January 26: Death toll in Chinese reached 56 with more than 2000 confirmed cases. US, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea reported new cases.

January 27: Death toll in China rose to 106. The number of confirmed cases reached 2,714, and infected people reached 4,515.

January 30: World Health Organization declared a global health emergency again. Earlier, it lifted the global health emergency.

India and the Philippines confirmed coronavirus cases.

January 31: Confirmed cases in China reached 9,809. Other countries reported their first case of the virus, including Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Sweden.

February 1: Death toll in China reached 259, with 11,791 confirmed infections.

New cases reported in countries including Australia, Japan, the US, UAE, Germany, Canada, Vietnam, and Singapore.

February 2: A Chinese man from Wuhan died in the Philippines. It was the first death of a Chinese citizen outside China. The death toll in China reached 304, with 14,380 infected people reported.

February 3: Fifty-seven more people died of the virus in China, and the total number of deaths reached 361. The number of cases reached 17,205 in China.

February 4: The total number of deaths due to the virus reached 425 and infections at 20,438. The first death in Hong Kong reported.

Belgium reported the first confirmed case in a person who arrived from Wuhan.

February 5: World Health Organization reaffirmed that there is no known effective treatment of coronavirus.

The death toll in China reached 490, with 24,324 cases of infection.

February 6: Malaysia confirmed the transmission of the virus from human to human. The number of infected people in Europe reached 30.

February 7: Li Wenliang died. He was the doctor who alarmed over the virus. The death toll in China reached 636, with 31,161 infected cases.

February 8: Death toll in China reached 722, with 34,546 confirmed cases. A US and one Japanese citizen died in Wuhan due to the virus.

February 9: Death toll in China reached 811, which was more than deaths due to SARS in 2002-03, with 37,198 confirmed infections.

A World Health Organization team, comprising of experts, departs for China for investigation of the situation.

February 10: Death toll reached 908, with 40,171 infections reported. President Xi Jinping came in public for the first time after the virus outbreak.

February 11: World Health Organization named the virus COVID-19. The death toll in China reached 1,016, with 42,638 confirmed cases of infections.

February 12: Japanese health ministry reported that 175 people boarded on the Diamond Princess Cruise ship had been affected by the virus. The death toll in China reached 1,113 with infected people reached 44,653.

February 13: Number of deaths reached 1300 in China with almost 60,000 confirmed cases of infection.

Japan reported its first death due to the coronavirus.

February 14: The virus reached Africa as Egypt reports its first case. One person died in France. It was the first death in Europe.

China reported the total number of deaths at 1400, with 121 new deaths.

February 15: Number of deaths in China reached 1500, with 66,492 confirmed cases of infection.

February 16: Taiwan reported its first death

In China, the number of deaths reached 1,665, with 68,500 confirmed cases of infections.

February 17: Death toll reached 1770 in China with 70, 548 confirmed cases of infection.

February 18: Number of daily infected people dropped below 2000 for the first time in China since the start of the outbreak.

February 19: Two deaths reported in Iran, due to the virus. It was the second straight day that China reported less than 2000 infected people a day. The death toll surpassed the 2000 figure.

February 20: First death reported in South Korea.

February 21: South Korea becomes a new destination for the virus. It reported its second death, with 204 confirmed cases of infection.

Israel also confirmed the first case of the coronavirus. Italy also reported and confirmed transmission from human to human. The total number of infections in Italy reached 6.

February 22: South Korea reported 229 cases in one day. Italy reported its first death due to the virus. Iran reports its fifth death. China says a significant decline in reporting new cases with only 397 cases.

February 23: Many countries closed their borders with Iran on the fear of the virus.

February 24: New countries reported their first cases, including Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Bahrain, and Oman. South Korea’s number of cases crossed the 800 figure with seven dead.

The death toll in China crosses the 2500 figure.

February 25: Iran’s deputy health minister got infected with the virus. China and South Korea were among the most affected countries.

February 26: Globally, the death toll reached almost 2800, with almost 80,000 cases of infection. New countries reported their first cases, including Pakistan, Norway, Romania, Brazil, Georgia, Greece, and North Macedonia.

February 27: New countries confirmed their first case, including Estonia, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Northern Ireland. Italy saw an increase in the number of deaths and infected people.

February 28: Nigeria and New Zealand are new countries to report cases. Other countries have reported their first cases to include Azerbaijan, Belarus. Iceland, Lithuania, Mexico, and Monaco. Countries with confirmed coronavirus cases reach 56. Globally, the total number of cases reaches 84,090. The number of deaths reaches 2,874 globally. Until today only 87 deaths occurred outside of China.

February 29: Ecuador, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Qatar report their first cases of coronavirus today. Australia and the United States report their first death today. An emergency announced in Washington.

March 1: Armenia and the Czech Republic report their first cases today. Thailand reports its first death, and the US reports its second death. Death toll exceeds more than 3000—Florida experiences emergency.

March 2: Andorra, Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, and Tunisia report their first cases today.

March 3: Ukraine reports its first case. China reports only 125 new cases that show a decline.

March 4: California joins in announcing an emergency. Argentina, Poland, Chile, and Ukraine report new cases. Japan witnesses 33 new cases in one day that is the most significant increase in one day.

March 5: US state new Jersey reports its first case, Maryland announces emergency. Iran refuses Humanitarian Aid from the US.

March 6: Global coronavirus cases reach the mark 100,000. Costa Rica reports its first case.

March 7: Maldives, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay report their first cases. New York declares an emergency.

March 8: Eight more US states announce the state of emergency. Saudi Arabia and Qatar announce travel restrictions. Thailand imposes self-isolation for 14 days for travelers from China, South Korea, Iran, and Italy.

March 9: Italy enters lockdown across the country. WHO announces 70 percent of coronavirus cases in China have recovered. Canada reports first death. Israel announces for all international travelers to go into quarantine for 14 days. Cyprus and Louisiana report their first cases. China announces reopening schools in Qinghai province.

March 10: More states in the US announce the state of emergency, making a total of 23 states. Panama, South Dakota, and New Jersey report their first death. Countries start suspending flights, imposing travel restrictions, and closing schools.

March 11: WHO declares the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. Turkey, North Dakota, and Delaware report the first case. Ireland and Sweden report first deaths. The United Nations reports that almost 20 percent of all students in the world are out of their school.

March 12: Only five new cases reported in Wuhan. Kansas, India, and Norway report their first death due to coronavirus. More states declare a state of emergency. More countries announce closing schools and universities.

March 13: Number of deaths surpasses 5000, globally. US President Trump announces a state of national emergency under the Stafford Act. Uruguay, Venezuela, and Guatemala report their first cases. Sixteen US states announce school closures. Scotland, Sudan, and Ukraine announce their first deaths today.

March 14: Spain and France impose travel restrictions. Uzbekistan reports the first case. Europe regarded as the new epicenter of the outbreak, WHO announces. The death toll gets almost 5500.

March 15: The CDC advises against holding large gatherings.

March 17: Coronavirus spreads in all states of the United States.

March 18: No new local infection reported in China. It was for the first time since the outbreak. However, travel-related coronavirus cases are still present and emerging in China.

March 19: Italy’s death toll rises to more than 4000, making it the first country with a death toll more than China. Spain also emerges another profoundly affected country from coronavirus.

March 20: New York states to have more than 15000 reported cases. It makes the state the US outbreak epicenter.

March 24: Summer Olympics 2020 postponed in Japan that was scheduled in Tokyo this July 24. Many countries, including Canada and Australia, already expressed their concern and decided not to send their athletes to the event.

March 25: India goes into a 21-day complete lockdown. It would be applied across the country.

March 26: The United States becomes the leading country with coronavirus cases topping 82,000. The death toll reaches 1000.

March 27: President Trump signs coronavirus relief bill worth $2 trillion into law. Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK, confirmed to have a positive test of COVID-19.

April 2: Globally, coronavirus cases reach ONE MILLION.

April 9: A study finds that the COVID-19 case in New York had its origin from Europe.

April 13: The world seems helpless in the fight against coronavirus.

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