Coronavirus Drives Colleges to the Breaking Point

This Might Result In the Reduction of International Students in the United States

This Might Result In the Reduction of International Students in the United States

Coronavirus drives colleges to the breaking point, forcing them to make hard choices regarding their student’s education. All education institutes are suffering amid the COVID-19 pandemic due to a huge decline in enrollment of students for a new semester and massive financial shortfalls. As coronavirus drives colleges to the breaking point due to continuous lockdown for several months, to lure new students, there have been steep discounts given by the institutions.

COVID-19 pandemic effects on educational institutes

Due to the sudden onset of the global pandemic, coronavirus drives colleges to the breaking point as all classes have shifted towards an online platform, costing high amounts for the services as the world health crisis has shifted unexpected rates to help the students complete their spring term during the strict stay at home order. Multiple educational organizations are buried under a million dollar debt due to this sudden change in the providence of lectures.

Due to the schools in the United States on the edge of being imposing situations, the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the dynamic of the higher education system with accelerated speed. Coronavirus drives colleges to the breaking point as all students have been sent back to their homes as soon as the coronavirus began to spread in the region, and all campuses will be closed until further notice.

According to some colleges, large lecture halls and shared dining and living spaces might not return back as normal. All athletic activities are suspended, and no date has been given when will stadiums are scheduled to reopen as coronavirus drives colleges to the breaking point.

Multiple schooling facilities are facing shortfalls because of the unpredictable enrollment of new students, along with market-driven endowment losses. Several public academies are undergoing steep budget cuts, while the general population currently enrolled In those institutions are questioning whether it is worth for them to pay for their child’s studies in a  private establishment when they are taking online classes sitting inside their homes as coronavirus drives colleges to the breaking point as a severe consequence of the pandemic.

COVID-19 outbreak resulting in massive unemployment

Since the coronavirus pandemic has been detected inside the United States, more than 27 million individuals have become unemployed due to budget cuts in multiple companies and businesses across the country as the economy is undergoing continuous recession as the world has come to a complete stop.

Following the same example, multiple colleges and universities are cutting and freezing multiple staff member’s salaries along with halting programs of construction of campus buildings as pandemic coronavirus drives colleges to the breaking point.

A small percentage of university student quota is elected towards international students; there is a huge possibility that those students might not come back to the United States for another semester this upcoming fall.

University tuition rates

As the published tuition rates of multiple colleges had been very high, there is only a limited number of students who paid the full price. This situation leads to colleges fighting over a limited number of people who are wealthy enough in the region to pay grant money to those institutions. Other establishments went towards revenue collected from international students, a wise strategy that is now proving to become a liability to those academies.

The high fixed costs resulting from a lavish science lab with full facilities, high-end dorm rooms along with recreation center made to appeal students into enrolling themselves into the institutions. This results in a reduction and limitation of opportunities for faculty members and staff workers, which could be solved by raising more tuition fees, but that might scare off the families.

Coronavirus drives colleges to the breaking point as the confirmed COVID-19 cases have reached 1,115,821, out of which 65,029 people have died since the outbreak reached the United States in February.

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