Coronavirus Deaths In US

Death Toll Has Surpassed 102,000

Death Toll Has Surpassed 102,000

Across the United States, the death count has surpassed 102,556 inside the country as the coronavirus pandemic has continued to spread and transmit even after strict implementation of preventive measures for the general population of the country. These coronavirus deaths in US have occurred since the outbreak in the time duration of four months.

The death toll of the United States due to the rapid spread of coronavirus is the highest count across the entire world. It has been reported that confirmed COVID-19 cases have been diagnosed in 213 countries and territories across the globe.

Death toll of the United States due to COVID-19 spread

The number of coronavirus deaths in US that has surpassed 100,000 and has exceeded the total number of combat fatalities of the United States military armed forces in all disputes since the Korean War. As the coronavirus deaths in US are continuously increasing, the total count has reached the death count in the United States during the flu epidemic of 1968.

As the number of dead individuals due to COVID-19 is increasing, the total count is rapidly approaching the death toll of people killed in another flu pandemic that killed around 116,000 in. The coronavirus deaths in US are rapidly moving towards to become the country’s most lethal public health crisis since the flu outbreak in 1918 that lead to the annihilation of about 675,000 American inhabitants.

The United States President Donald Trump traveled to Florida to watch the first launch of astronauts into the space from the United States in the last ten years. The event was postponed due to severe climatic conditions and is scheduled to occur this Saturday while following all protocols to prevent further transmission of COVID-19.

The former Vice President of United States Joseph Biden has also shown is grief regarding the continually increasing number of coronavirus deaths in US, showing concern for the safety of the general population in the country. Joe Biden believes that if the appropriate authorities had taken early action for diagnosing and controlling further transmission of the deadly infection by social distancing, the death toll of the country would not have arisen out of hand, and thousands of lives would not have been lost unnecessarily.

According to Biden, the current United States President was slow and late in enacting the protective measures to prevent COVID-19. Even as the number of coronavirus deaths in US is slowly decreasing, there is a possibility that new coronavirus cases might resurge inside the country after the lockdown is lifted across the country.

Official vs. Actual death count across the United States

Across the United States, more than 1,753,212 individuals have been reportedly diagnosed with COVID-19 pathogen, out of which only 494,006 have been successfully able to recover back to their optimum health level. The state of New York is the deadliest affected area in US due to coronavirus pandemic, but recently the numbers has slightly decreased. In multiple cities, including Los Angeles and Chicago, the new confirmed coronavirus cases tend to be rising.

There have been several reports by Anthony Fauci and other statisticians across the country that the official record of coronavirus deaths in US is less than the actual death count. There are many people who have not been tested but have died inside their homes. Multiple deaths have also been reported in many nursing homes, but not included in the official death count. Multiple deaths in the early phases of coronavirus pandemic have been misidentified, causing the official death toll to differ.

As the total confirmed COVID-19 cases are considered to be undercounted, some of the local governments across multiple states have started identifying any probable new cases or deaths.

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