Coronavirus Crisis Is Just the Beginning: Angela Merkel

$575 Billion Has Been Signed As an Emergency Fund to Help To Reopen Of Businesses

World Must Be Ready To Face the Peak Of Crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the coronavirus crisis is just the beginning, and the country should remain cautious and clever in the handling procedure of COVID-19 as it might not end soon. There is no cure developed until now and the procedure will take time during testing and production, which indicates that the stay of the virus will be prolonged, for which all countries should follow preventive measures as this coronavirus crisis is just the beginning and has potential to cause more disruption than before.

COVID-19 crisis funding in Europe

Germany is taking the rapid and better initiative against COVID-19 as the country’s Chancellor Angela Merkel voiced her opinion to the European Union that coronavirus crisis is just the beginning, and can cause more problems across the world of not completely eradicated as soon as possible. Germany is currently working towards making different and meaningful contributions towards the European Union Budget, which would help multiple countries, including themselves, in the upcoming critical times, which are caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The European Union Leaders are being expected to sign a new emergency fund of $575 billion as this coronavirus crisis is just the beginning, which would help the European citizens who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including workers, businesses, companies and those countries who are the worst affected by the pandemic. The details regarding the funding are yet to be published, but the amount would be distributed among the people via already established European Union institutions, including the European Stability Mechanism, which was set up in 2008 to provide funds to the general population. The funds would be ready to be transferred from June 1.

This continent-wide fund program has not yet decided among the 27 countries about how much amount each country would contribute to the European Union Budget to prevent long term issues as this coronavirus crisis is just the beginning. Come from the European countries, including Italy, want the funding in the form of aid grants as compared to loans due to the huge scale of the crisis the country suffered in the last five weeks. Italy has put the request of € 1.5 trillion in the form of a financial grant.

The extra funds from the European Union budget would be provided for limited time duration in the spirit of solidarity to the people who require, as this coronavirus crisis is just the beginning of worldwide chaos and disruption. Several countries, including Germany, Austria, and Netherlands, are opposed to this mutualization of debt for the European Union Budget funds as the current rule of the European Union does not allows countries to be liable to each other’s amount of debts.

COVID-19 pandemic across the world

COVID-19 has become a major cause of a massive reduction the increasing world population as the number of infected individuals have crossed the amount of 2,672,133, and the numbers continue to increase further every day despite the multiple preventive measures being implemented across the world in the form of lockdowns, stay at home orders, closure of all unnecessary businesses, non-essential travel and social distancing.

Out of the total number of people infected since November 17 in Mainland China, only 731,750 people have been able to fully recover back to their optimum health after being infected by the COVID-19 virus. 186,912 unfortunate people have also died since the coronavirus outbreak, most of which were inhabited in the United States as the number has surpassed 48,295 deaths in the time duration of three months.

Due to these drastic numbers, it is expected that the coronavirus crisis is just the beginning, and more chaos will affect the general population of the earth for which we should be ready in advance as no antidote has been discovered until now, which could eliminate the COVID-19 infection.

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