Continuous Suicidal War on Nature by Humans

UN Secretary-General Warned To Stop Global Carbon Emission before It Is Too Late To Prevent World Destruction

Stop Global Carbon Emission before It Is Too Late To Prevent World Destruction

The planet Earth is getting broken down, said Antonio Guterres, the United Nations Secretary-General, as a warning on Wednesday. Humanity is currently waging a suicidal war on nature due to their irresponsible behaviors and actions. During an event regarding the negative impact of humans over the surrounding environment, he stated that nature has the tendency to always strike back, and with much strong force and fury that would be unmatchable to humans.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations wants to tackle the rapidly changing climatic conditions at the heart of the United Nations global mission in an attempt to save the planet and stop the suicidal war on nature waged by humanity.

During a public speech named State of the Planet, the Secretary-General announced that in the next year, the central objective of the United States would be to assemble a worldwide coalition that is required to reduce the harmful and chemical emissions around the world to net zero. This initiative would help in limiting the suicidal war on nature and facilitate the planet into growing.

The net-zero refers to reducing the amount of carbon emission as much as possible, along with balancing the amount of gaseous emission into the atmosphere by removing approximately the same amount from the air.

The aim of the United Nations is to help adapt every city, nation, financial institution, and business firm towards a smooth transition towards controlling the net carbon emission to zero by the year 2050 to limit the increasing suicidal war on nature caused by the general human population.  The current objective of the United States Secretary-General is to reduce greenhouse emissions across the globe by 45% by the year 2030, as compared to the recorded levels of 2010.

There are some demands placed by the Secretary-General Guterres from the countries around the world to do to limit and minimize the suicidal war on nature as much as possible to preserve the planet. One of the main demands put forward is to increase the price of carbon when sold, along with reducing the consumption of fossil fuel and its subsidiaries as much as possible by converting to electric or hybrid vehicles. The suicidal war on nature could also be restricted by shifting the burden of tax from income to carbon and from regular taxpayers towards environmental polluters.

By integrating the goal of carbon neutrality into all economic and fiscal decisions and policies could also provide assistance in curbing the increasing damage to the planet Earth being caused by continuous neglect by humanity. The suicidal war on nature could be prevented completely by helping those countries around the globe that are in much need of assistance due to the damage caused to them by the severe climatic changes.

Damaging floods and wildfires

According to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the agenda to reduce the carbon emission to net-zero and control the suicidal war on nature caused by humans is ambiguous; the radical need for action is right now before it becomes too late to control.

The science regarding curbing the destruction of the planet is quite clear. Unless the world reduces the production of fossil fuel by 6% every year from now till 2030, the forecasted outlook of the Earth looks devastating.

Climate changing policies are yet to surface in a challenging response to this global initiative that helps limit the suicidal war on nature waged by humans. If proper required action is not taken, all humanity will be headed towards a catastrophic increase in temperature across the planet in this century. Every organization must play its role to reduce carbon emission to save humanity.

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