Conspiracy Theory of Coronavirus and US Response to It

Are Us Military Responsible For Spreading The Coronavirus?

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The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has been declared pandemic as the infected, confirmed cases are reported in more than 114 countries around the world. The total count for infected patients has increased to more than one hundred thousand and still increasing rather fast. The death toll regarding the novel coronavirus is more than five thousand individuals consisting of more of the geriatric population as they have a low autoimmune response and are more susceptible to infections and diseases.

The young and children are not as prone except infants who are also prone to the infection. China, along with South Korea, started a conspiracy theory of coronavirus and US response to it as they are claiming that the virus started from the United States.

Due to the virus, many countries have undergone a state of emergency to prevent the virus from further spread as multiple confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported. The infected patients are being quarantined and under strict observation. The virus is said to be originated from the seafood market in Wuhan, China. Patient Zero of the virus is not yet found by whom the virus first begins transmitting.

Who started the conspiracy?

On Thursday, A Chinese official tweeted a conspiracy theory that the novel coronavirus, which has been the cause of a widespread source of panic and the main reason why the global economy is about to crash, and the world might come to a standstill, did not originate in China, but in fact, has started from the United States and later transmitted to China via United States military.

The tweet was a linked story to a conspiracy theory, which falsely claims that patient zero of coronavirus was from the United States who travelled to China even though the experts in the World Health Organization have already concluded that the virus first appeared in the province of Hubei, China.

Foreign Minister of China, Zhao Lijian, also tweeted a video in which the director of the US Centre of Disease Control and Prevention states that some of the deaths which were first thought to be caused by influenza virus are later recognized to be due to the novel coronavirus. This conspiracy theory of coronavirus is further supported by as hundreds of United States military athletes were present in Wuhan, China, in the Military World Games earlier in October 2019.

To somehow save the bipartisan relationship between the two countries, fellow foreign minister of China Geng Shuang stated on Friday that there are varied opinions regarding the origin of the novel coronavirus in the world, but none of them have been completely proven. Many of the Chinese officials are saying that even though the epidemic was first reported in China does not mean that the virus originated in China, and thus calling it the Chinese coronavirus is absolutely wrong and inappropriate.

Conspiracy Theory of Coronavirus and US Response to It on Time

The falsely claimed conspiracy theory of coronavirus and US response to it will surely affect the bilateral relationship between both China and the United States. After the tweet of Chinese officials regarding the conspiracy theory of coronavirus and US response to it has been rather blunt.

To counter this attack, the United States media have started calling the novel virus as the Chinese coronavirus, which also sparked some issues with the Chinese authorities. As content increases on the conspiracy theory of coronavirus and US response to it has started becoming rather offensive, embarrassing, and downright disgusting according to the vice-chair of Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus.

Due to the increase in the conspiracy theory of coronavirus and US response to it was ethically wrong, Foreign Minister Zhao tweeted on Monday, an editorial from Global Times, which attacks the United States Secretary of State, as Mike Pompeo called the novel coronavirus as Wuhan virus, and demanding the country to apologize to the world for how they are handling the outbreak.

According to the United States, these false accusations and conspiracy theory of coronavirus and US response to it has been done to disrupt the peace of the world and create more panic and chaos especially in the United States of America.

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