Coca-Cola Stops Social Media Advertising Over Hate Content

Many Other Companies Are Boycotting Social Media Platforms to Advertise Their Products

Many Other Companies Are Boycotting Social Media Platforms to Advertise Their Products

One of the most well-known and loved beverages found all across the world is Coca-Cola that is currently suffering from a backlash. Due to the recent movement that emphasized world racism, Coca-Cola stops social media advertising for 30 consecutive days. This decision has been taken after immense pressure has built up on all social media accounts against racism and hate speech.

The CEO of Coco-Cola company has given a statement saying that neither the world nor the social media platforms have any place for racism. To counter this growing issue, all social media firms should provide their users with more transparency and accountability for certain actions. This statement has been given after Facebook will label all posts that might contain possible harmful and confusing content that is posted on the platform.

Boycott of social media platforms

After the movement of Black Lives Matter, another campaign was initiated called the #StopHateForProfit, whose organizers have accused Facebook of not taking part not doing anything on their side that might help this cause.  The organization wants Facebook to provide a little change to their platform that might help make a small but significant dent in the problem. Around more than ninety corporations, along with Coca-Cola stops social media advertising to support the cause of stoppage hate for-profit campaigns.

As multiple companies have boycotted the use of Facebook to advertise their brands, the shares of Facebook have dropped down 8.3% due to which Facebook has lost $56 billion from its worth in the market and $7.2 billion from the personal net worth of Mark Zuckerberg. Due to this recent loss suffered by Facebook, the head of Louis Vuitton, Bernard Arnult has replaced Mark Zuckerberg for the place of the world’s third-richest person.

Even though Coca-Cola stops social media advertising, they are not actively taking part in the campaign to eliminate racism from our societies. This pause of social media advertisings is an opportunity for the company to re-evaluate the policies being used for advertising their products. Revision of all strategies will be done if required by the company.

To show their support towards this global initiative, the clothing brand Levi Strauss has also taken the decision as Coca-Cola stops social media advertising over hate content on the internet. Unlike Coca-Cola, they have made accusations on Facebook for not supporting the cause enough. Multiple companies are asking Facebook to commit to making significant changes.

Change towards the betterment of society

The people across the world are asking for meaningful changes that will help put an end towards the amplification and rapid spread of false information and hate comments related to racism. This platform should be used for better addressing the current political announcements and content that helps towards voter repression. Even though Facebook has apologized and taken some minor steps, these changes are not enough that could make a proper action.

To show their support for the cause of eliminating racial discrimination from around the world, Coca-Cola stops social media advertising. People across the world are asking Facebook and other social media sites to take proper measures that might help influence the community, as compared to small meager steps after every catastrophe they are involved in.

This campaign is also trying to influence Mark Zuckerberg to provide permanent changes in the civil rights infrastructure inside his corporation, along with the submission of independent surveys that are related to misinformation and discrimination of identity. All groups and pages that contain this sort of content should be removed from this public platform, along with creating numerous teams that are tasked with reviewing these types of content and people who post such content. To support these claims as requirements for Facebook as a world-leading social platform, multiple business corporations, along with Coca-Cola stops social media advertising.

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