Clubhouse Android App Is Coming Soon

Possible Breach of Data Regarding 1.3 Million Clubhouse Users, Firm Denied All Claims as The Data Stolen Is Already Public Via App

Clubhouse Android App is currently under development, and according to the recently posted tweets, it is possible that this social application would be released for the masses as soon as May 2021. Currently, the Clubhouse social application is only available for users with the iOS operating system. The Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of Clubhouse Paul Davison have confirmed the news regarding the development of the Clubhouse Android App in a recently conducted interview along with Bill Gates, the co-founder of tech giant Microsoft.

New version of Clubhouse Android app

Multiple other technology firms are currently in development or have been able to develop their own separate version of the application with an audio-only facility to compete against the Clubhouse android app. Some of the most notable features have been released by Twitter Space which works for both iOS and Android.

In a recently conducted interview with the New York Times and CNBC, the CEO of Clubhouse Paul Davison has verified that he, along with his team members, is working on the expansion of this into the Clubhouse android app. Furthermore, according to a recently posted tweet by the developer of the Clubhouse android app Mopewa Ogundipe, a teaser has been provided that his team is presently working on the development process of a Clubhouse android app that would easily be accessed through a Google Pixel smartphone device.

Another tweet which has posted by Morgan Evetts has given a small hint that the Clubhouse android app would be available for mass consumption as early as the month of May this year.

The Clubhouse application has been able to experience major success since the launch in the Month of April 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic. The application has been able to record more than 10 million downloads over the time duration of almost ten months in February 2021, and the estimated record has been shared by the application intelligence firm named Sensor Tower.

In the earlier weeks of the month of April 2021, the application has been able to announce that they are looking forward to launching a new monetization feature that would help the content creators using their application. The firm has also claimed that they would not be receiving any payment for providing this feature.

The firm operating Clubhouse has stated that they will be testing this new feature initially on a small-scaled focus group to correct the application software in case of any malfunctioning. Eventually, on a later date, all customers would be allowed to use the Clubhouse app without worrying about popping up of possible bugs. Along with the monetization feature, the Clubhouse android app would also be rolled out in the mainstream market to gain additional users throughout the world.

In a move against the rival firm Clubhouse, the messenger application Telegram has been able to launch a new feature in their pre-existing app named Telegram Voice Chats 2.0, which allows the user to be able to access an audio-only platform for chatting and would also be able to allow the consumers to record the calls made through the Telegram application in case a future reference is required. The feature of live calls would be able to incorporate an unlimited number of participants, a mechanism for hand raising, links for inviting participants, along title placements for voice chats. A similar feature is set to be launched by Twitter named Spaces application at the end of this month. All these features are being unveiled by other messenger and social media applications before the launch of the Clubhouse android app.

Clubhouse security breach

The Clubhouse has become the latest platform concerning social media which has been subjected to a mass amount of data scraping. It has been reported that more than 1.3 million user’s data have reported been sold in the black market online.

This report has come after the business application LinkedIn observed a similar sort of leak in their private data regarding at least two-thirds of their subscribers, while the social media platform Facebook experienced personal data being sold online of around 533 million consumers on their site.

In the case of the Clubhouse application, sensitive information including user ID, full name, photo ID URL, username, the handle of Twitter has also been reportedly scraped.

According to the clubhouse, all claims have been denied, and the firm stated that their company had not been breached or hacked in any form, and the data which had been sold online is the information that is already available for the public and can easily be accessed through their application software.

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