Climate Change Endeavors Are Just Smoke and Mirrors

Protests Are Being Conducted by The Younger Generation in The City of Milan To Argue Against the Actions of Ministers

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It has been said by some of the poorer nations of the world that the rich and developed countries across the globe that have previously made extensive plans to limit the carbon on the planet are only just ‘smoke and mirrors and should be improved on an urgent basis before the planet had to suffer more due to excessive climate change.

During the final session of the United Nations, a meeting has been conducted among the Ministers in the French city of Milan before the scheduled date of the climatic conference of COP26, which is to be held in Glasgow, during which they confirmed that some progress had been made to tackle the increasing issue of climate change.

But some of the officials from other nations are now demanding to achieve more tough targets for reducing the carbon emission along with more cash that would be utilized in the combat against the rapidly severing climate change. One of the ministers during the meeting condemned the lack of having good faith and the increasing selfishness of the developed rich countries that are involved in the incentive.

The special envoy sends by the United States to the United Nations, John Kerry, said that all countries that have major economies should work further to limit and prevent climate change and try to stretch and work to the maximum level as much as they can.

Damage to livelihood

Ministers from about 50 different countries had taken part in the conference to try and make some changes that would help to overcome some of the major hurdles in limiting climate change that has come before the leaders of the world gather in the month of November in Glasgow for the COP26.

For some of the extremely vulnerable nations across the globe, the priority for them is to prevent further climate change, as compared to the reduction in growing levels of carbon emission from the other rich countries, and try to preserve as much of the 1.5C targeted temperature that had been set during the Paris agreement in the year 2015, when the world leaders gathered together to discuss the issue of climate change.

A warning has been issued by scientists that it has become extremely dangerous if the temperature of the entire planet is to raise more than 1.5C above the pre-industrial levels. An assessment has been conducted regarding the promise that has been made so far to prevent further climate change and to cut down in the amount of carbon emission, which has suggested that the planet is on track to reach around 2.7C, which has exceeded almost twice the value that had been set.

It has been stated by the ministers from the rich nations that the results that have been received regarding the increasing climate change are completely unacceptable, and they have already started to experience impacts with significant nature on the economic conditions of their countries with the current warming levels just over 1C.

Incomplete engagement of rich nations

The environment minister of Grenada, Simon Steill stated that the world is currently at a hellish ground with temperature levels that have excessed 1.1C. He argued that the plans that had been previously made during the Paris agreement of 2015 to limit and prevent further worsening of climate change of the planet had not been good enough and have led towards a state of disaster for his state.

He further added that the countries should take the matter of climate change seriously, as billions of lives depend on it, and smokes and mirrors should not be applied by the developed countries over this highly concerning issue. All of the decisions and actions that are to be taken are required to be in alignment with the 1.5C world temperature, as no choice is left behind.

Some of the delegates that attended the recent meeting had felt that some of the developed nations of the world are not engaged sufficiently in the pressing matter of 1.5C, due to the fact that they are wealthy enough and have the required resources to adapt to the changes that are necessary to prevent further deterioration of climate change. Some delegates argued that this might be because these countries have the means to construct sea walls, in case the sea level rises due to the increase in global temperature, and are not fully engaged in limiting it.

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