Chinese Forces Killed Indian Soldiers in a Clash

34 Indian Military Personnel Were Killed

34 Indian Military Personnel Were Killed

The three Indian soldiers were killed in close-quarter combat by the Chinese army placed high on the Himalayan mountain range. Both the countries were trying to decrease the escalating levels of tension between them. Chinese forces killed Indian soldiers in a clash on the India-China border on top of the Himalayas. The three deceased individuals were a high ranking Indian Army officer along with two soldiers.

Killing of Indian Army soldiers by Chinese forces

It was confirmed from the preliminary report of the incident that Chinese forces killed Indian soldiers in a clash, was not done by the use of firearms. The report shows that the cause of death was close-quarter combat, involving the use of rocks and clubs made of wood. Several fights have also been previously reported in the last month in various places along the India-China border. The outcome of these fights has always been critical blunt force trauma injuries on soldiers of both sides of the border.

The incident involving Chinese forces killed Indian soldiers in a clash was the first time in multiple years that any armed troop was killed along the border between both countries. It is not clear about how the Indian forces would respond to the incident as they have the upper hand by having a powerful military. It has been announced by an Indian military officer that more than 20 soldiers of the Indian army have also been captured and held in custody for torture by the Chinese military.

The Indian military forces are alarmed and tight-lipped after these recent incidents as the countries were trying very hard to de-escalate the growing tension between both countries. It was announced by China that the process of de-escalation was going positively until Chinese forces killed Indian soldiers in a clash. India has been caught off guard by this recent burst of violent activity on the shared border between China and India. Both the parties are putting the blame for this recent outburst on each other.

De-escalation between China and India

During the process of subversion between both countries, Chinese forces killed Indian soldiers in a clash that reignited a spark of tension. Due to multiple casualties in this recent violent face-off, military officials of both parties are meeting together to defuse the situation before it gets out of hand.

In Beijing, the foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian gave a statement that Indian military forces were able to cross the Chinese border illegally to attack the Chinese armed personnel. To provide evidence for their claim, he also said that the Chinese military also puts several strongly lodged protests against these actions, along with trying to resolve the strain between the two sides.

According to the Indian national television channels, several of the Chinese troops were also killed amid this recent incident, citing sources from high-level Indian Military officers. The Chinese officials did not comment on these alleged statements.

Incident on the India-China border

According to the analysts of the Indian Military, a colonel was among those individuals who were killed as Chinese forces killed Indian soldiers in a clash in the Himalayan mountain territory. The fight that breaks out between the armed forces of both countries was on the Indian side of the border. It is evident that the fight between both sides involved a large number of soldiers combating with each other, along with the usage of clubs, rocks, and their hands.

According to the statement of Indian soldiers present at the time of the fight, the Chinese forces were battle-ready when they crossed the side of the border. The moderate tension has been simmering since the last week of April.

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