Chinese $4,500 Budget Electric Car is Outselling Tesla Cars

Hong Guang Mini Has Become Second Most Selling Vehicle after Tesla Model 3

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A budget electric car has started selling for $4,500 in the Chinese market and is currently outselling the upmarket vehicles by Tesla. The small-sized compact vehicle has proven to be a big hit for China’s top automobile-making firm SAIC Motor. This budget electric car, names Hong Guang Mini EV (electric vehicle), has been built as part of a joint collaboration with the United States automobile giant firm General Motors (GM).

Budget-friendly electric vehicle

The sales of last month for budget electric cars across China have been around double the amount of those of recently launched Tesla, which has been interrogated in the month of February over some safety issues.

Meanwhile, the $4,500 model of Hong Guang Mini has become the most popular in the overall Chinese market for budget electric cars, and another upgraded model has also been available with the facility of air-conditioning, which is available for just $5,000. These compact budget electric cars are being marketed across the region as ‘the people’s commuting tool’ due to their small-sized but efficient workings and lower price tag than competitive firms.

The joint partnership between Chinese and Unites States automakers SIAC-GM-Wuling is locally known as Wuling.

According to the car experts, the battery installed in this budget electric car is way behind in functioning along with its performance and range traveled, but the convenience design and reduced-price have made this budget electric vehicle become the bestselling ‘new-energy vehicle throughout China.

The Hong Guang Mini was launched in the past year, with various models available in the market that are being sold at people-friendly prices. The basic model has a top speed of 100 kilometers/hour and is able to accommodate four individuals in a closely-packed position.

The managing director of the China Market Research Group stated that the government of China is taking serious measures to reduce the increasing population of the country and is trying to become a leading global country in promoting and adapting innovations of electric cars.

He also said that we are adapting various models of electric vehicles, including budget electric cars like Hong Guang Mini too high-end ones including Tesla and NIO.

To further promote electric vehicles for the betterment of the rapidly declining environmental conditions, the government of China is currently offering the registration of license plates for free, and they have already been guaranteed. In various cities of China, it usually takes several months and sometimes years to register for a license plate for vehicles containing petrol engines through multiple auction systems.

Electric vehicles take on Tesla

The budget electric car Hong Guang Mini EV has more than 112,000 sales during the second half of the year 2020 and has been able to secure the second rank, keeping behind the Tesla’s Model 3, which are being manufactured in their Shanghai Factory and have been able to observe more sales as prices dropped due to reduction of custom taxes on the vehicles.

Earlier in the month of February, five Chinese regulating authorities have summoned Tesla over their applied quality and possible safety issues at their production plant. China has become the second-largest marketplace for Tesla electric vehicle models after the United States.

In the month of January 2021, The budget electric car Hong Guang Mini sales across China have increased to the point where they were two-to-one against Tesla, and it has been able to become the second-bestselling electric car model throughout the world after Tesla Model 3.

The compact all-electric budget vehicles have sold around 25,778 units across China in the month of January, as compared to 13,843 units of Tesla Model 3, according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

Although, the high-end electric cars have also given better performance in the country, with Tesla allowing double in size of the sales volume throughout China in the past year. The Tesla Model 3 is currently being sold for $39,000 in China, and the price tag has lessened due to their local manufacturing plant located in Shanghai.

The budget electric car Hong Guang Mini could possibly be sold outside China, as Wuling is currently planning to expand their project and export the compact budget electric car overseas. China has several firms which have developed small-sized and low price electric cars, but most of them are manufactured with low-speed and low-quality products that are unable to appeal to the general population. The Hong Guang Mini has been the first electric vehicle to have stepped up in the market by delivering a simple and budget electric car that has targeted buyers looking for a proper car.

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