China Warns UK Over Interference In Hong Kong

Implementation of Security Law Removes Freedom of Speech in the Country

Implementation of Security Law Removes Freedom of Speech in the Country

According to a recent statement given by the Chinese ambassador, warning the United Kingdom not to interfere with Hong Kong regarding the newly implemented security law in the country. The pro-democracy campaign is highly requesting for international support. The government of China warns UK over interference in Hong Kong, saying that the offer made by the United Kingdom regarding the citizenship of around 3 million general citizens of Hong Kong regards as gross interference.

This offer by the United Kingdom has been made after the Chinese government decided to impose a new security law in Hong Kong. After the news was made public regarding the controversial new law in the country, the general population of Hong Kong has retaliated in the form of multiple protests and violent demonstrations across the region.

The execution of the new security law over Hong Kong erodes the independence as a semi-autonomous region. The general population of the country is against enforcement of the new security law, for which the United Kingdom tried to help. But China warns UK over interference in Hong Kong as the region is under the Chinese government.

China’s warnings to the United Kingdom

China warns UK over interference in Hong Kong, as the government of the United Kingdom is making irresponsible and foolish remarks over the affairs going on in Hong Kong. The Chinese government has given no response up until now regarding the citizenship offer given by the United Kingdom. The exact response would be provided after China has gathered all the details regarding the offer.

The Chinese ambassador has also warned the United Kingdom, not to use the 5G telecommunication network that was made by using Huawei’s technology, a Chinese technical giant, as it would send a very bad message to China that will be portrayed across the world.

The counter these allegations, the United Kingdom has argued to China to keep their agreement that they had with Hong Kong in the year 1997 that would be in effect for 50 years. After the agreement’s time limit is complete, China can have complete authority over Hong Kong. If a major part of the general population of Hong Kong wants to become a part of the United Kingdom, the Chinese government cannot stop it. Due to this, China warns UK over interference in Hong Kong.

The spokesman for the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister also said that China should understand the importance of following the international laws that ate abided all across the world. The United Kingdom is currently completely assessing the security law and the legal ramification with regards to its extradition with the country, which the Chinese government wants to execute over Hong Kong.

From Monday, Facebook and WhatsApp have paused all requests made by the government of Hong Kong and law enforcement agencies working in the country until there is a finalized notice of the national security law. No finalized implementation has been done regarding the security law as China warns UK over interference in Hong Kong.

Barely concealed caution

The United Kingdom and China have locked heads over two of the major issues, Huawei and Hong Kong. If these issues persist for a longer duration, they could disconnect any relationship between both countries. As the United Kingdom has violated the non-interference and sovereign equality principles of China, the relationship between both parties is bound to experience some setback in the upcoming future.

Even though China warns UK over interference in Hong Kong, multiple other countries are also against the implementation of the new national security law in the country. This new law targets subversion, secession, and terrorism attacks with punishment for a lift inside a federal prison. But if the law is implemented, it would also remove the right of freedom of speech.

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