China-Taiwan Military Tensions at Their Worst In 40 Years

The Military Superiority Has Been Displayed by China in The Region by Sending Scores of Planes

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The China-Taiwan military tensions are currently at an extreme high in the past 4 decades, as stated by the defense minister of Taiwan, and had given a warning saying that there is a major risk of a strike by accident between the two countries. The comments by Chiu Kuo-cheng had come after the military of china had sent the highest number of military jets into the air defense zone of Taiwan for 4 successive days.

The country of Taiwan considers itself to be a sovereign state; however, China is viewing Taiwan to be a breakaway province from itself, which has caused the current China-Taiwan military tensions to soar. It is yet to be ruled out the possibility of usage of force through the military to enforce a unification between both regions.

Presentation of power

Before the flying of Chinese military jets in the region of Taiwan, it had been warned by Mr. Chiu that there are probable chances of risk of a misfire by the Chinese military due to the increasing China-Taiwan military tensions for the past recent few days. The air defense zone of Taiwan, which is under constant monitoring for any possible threats to the country, has been extended over an area that also covers the Taiwan Strait along with a large part of the mainland of China. The crossing of fighter Jet by China in Taiwan provides an unofficial demarcation between Taiwan and China as an incursion.

Chiu Kuo-cheng had also warned that by the year 2025, the military capability to China is likely to exceed the point where they would be able to have full-scale invasion over the island.

He had made a public speech while being on a parliamentary committee in Taipei, which is considered to be a multi-billion-dollar spending bill for the defense that would allow the nation to build more warships and missiles for their own protection and to retaliate in case the China-Taiwan military tensions further aggravate.

After acknowledging that there is enough capability by China to be able to invade the region even right now, he said that this kind of move is likely to become further easier for them in the upcoming few years, though further elaboration f this point had not been given.

United States role in Taiwan agreement

In the year 1949, Taiwan was also to break away from the Chinese mainland as communists in the region were able to seize power.

Analysts have forewarned that China is currently increasingly concerned that the government of Taiwan is moving forward for an official announcement of independence and would like to deter the President of the country from taking measures in that direction, causing an upsurge in the China-Taiwan military tensions.

Several allies of Taiwan from the Western side of the world have lately expressed their concerns regarding the recent open display of power through military forces by China.

However, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, said that the president of China, Xi Jinping, had decided to accept the ‘Taiwan agreement’. It has appeared that President Biden had referred to the longstanding United States policy of ‘One China’, under which Taiwan is still recognized as a part of China rather than an independent state.

Although the agreement would still allow the United States to be able to maintain an unofficial relationship with the state of Taiwan, as they are selling a large number of arms and ammunition to Taiwan as a part of the Taiwan Relations Act by the United States, which stated that Washington must help Taiwan to be able to defend itself, which would now also include any mishap that might occur during the escalated China-Taiwan military tensions.

It is believed that both President Xi and President Biden had made references to the ‘One China’ policy during their public statement, which is also a key cornerstone in the Sino-US relations but has a distinction with the principle of One China, whereas it has been insisted by China that Taiwan is an inalienable part of one China that is likely to be reunified in the upcoming future.

President Biden said that he had been able to speak with his counterpart in China, and both of them agree and will abide by the Taiwan agreement amid the China-Taiwan military tensions. It has been made clear that he would not be taking any actions that would be in opposition to the abiding of the Taiwan agreement.

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