China’s new crisis: Medical Staff treating Coronavirus patients may be infected

What can be worse news than hearing medical staff is also infected with coronavirus by treating patients.

Medical staff treating Coronavirus patients may be infected

Are there possibilities that medical staff treating Coronavirus patients may be infected? In this article, an attempt will be made to search the answer of this terrifying question. The coronavirus has breakout in Wuhan, the city of China, at the end of December, which has now reached an alarming rate and creating serious threats to the world’s health as well. More than 66,000 people have been infected with coronavirus in chine since December 2019 and the numbers of cases are increasing rapidly. Moreover, the death rate of the people infected with the coronavirus researched up to 1600.

However, this situation, creating serious concerns among the health care workers and this concern has become deeper after the death of Li Wenliang, the first person who warned his colleagues about the new virus and after some time, killed by it. Therefore, it is a clear indication that the medical staff treating coronavirus patients may be infected with this virus as well.

Medical staff infected by Coronavirus

In the mid of January, almost 500 medical staff had been found infected with the deadly coronavirus in Wuhan. However, the government has not revealed the exact numbers of health workers infected with coronavirus and medical staff has been restricted not to disclose it as it can cause disconcertment among the patients and healthy people. That’s more than 1700 health workers have been infected with coronavirus until now and 10 out of them, have died.

The increasing cases of infection among the medical staff are a deadly indicator of how easily is a virus can be transmitted to the medical staff treating coronavirus patients and infect them. Most of the health workers who are infected were in Wuhan’s capital Hubei as they have a shortage of masks and safety equipment and have to interact with the patients continuously. About 80,000 health workers are fighting against the outbreak of coronavirus.

Why medical staff treating Coronavirus patients may be infected?

The medical staff treating coronavirus patients may be infected by the disease quickly because the health workers have to deal with the patients closely. However, the major reason, which is contributing to the rapid addition in the number of infected medical staff, is the shortage of masks and protective gear off and people do not have awareness about the contagiousness of the virus for a long time.

The protective pieces of equipment are not provided to the medical staff properly and the hospitals are full of infected people, which create an extremely high risk of infection for the medical staff. Due to the dangers outbreak of coronavirus, an alarming situation for health organizations and health care staff has been created as they have to be on duty 24/7 and the environment of the hospital is exhausting for them as they have to deal with a large number of patients and receive a large viral load every day.

In this alarming global health crisis, the medical staff needs to stay protected because there is a high risk that the virus can infect medical staff treating coronavirus patients. Health departments and the worker should take all the necessary measures for the prevention of infection. The health care workers can protect themselves by using protective equipment, medical, and engineering types of equipment appropriately.

In short, the rapid transmission of coronavirus can make the health condition more severe in China, so there are many chances that Medical Staff treating Coronavirus patients may be infected the medical staff is the only option to keep the infected patients in a stable situation because there is no vaccination and medicine to cure this infection. However, doctors and researchers are working efficiently to make vaccination for coronavirus to cure and control this viral infection. We hope an effective vaccine will be invented soon to prevent humanity from this fatal disease.

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