China Is Ready to Step Up Aviation Self-Reliance By 2025

Shanghai Would Start Manufacturing of Key Engine Parts for Aircrafts

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China is already the home for the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), which manufactured the home-grown C919 commercial aircraft with a narrow body. In the upcoming five years, the efforts currently being made by China regarding their aviation industry to become more self-reliant is likely to increase further.

According to the current plans that are in place suggests that they are going to start manufacturing key parts utilized in engines made for commercial aircraft in Shanghai by the year 2025.

Already plans have been made by China regarding the production of newly designed wide-bodies commercial jet with a collaboration with the United Aircraft Corporation of Russia and have been named CR929, amid the increasingly restrictive measures that have been put in place by the United States aviation industry, according to the recently publicized development plan by the Shanghai government in the mid of September.

Dominance over aviation industry

Shanghai, which is already home to COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China), which is also the developer of C919 aircraft, is making plans to set out to make the entire city become a leader in the entire industry of civil aviation across China in the upcoming five years.

It has been stated by the government of Shanghai that the Lingang New Area would be constructing an ecosystem of civil aviation industry along with an international collaborative innovation system that would help in developing and providing guarantee regarding the domestically manufactured large-sized aircraft along with civil aviation engines, and would also come to the realization regarding given independent control of the key links and core technologies in the entire supply chain.

The development of the Lingang New Area in Shanghai has been touted by Beijing, which is located in the southeast tip of the city, as the new dynamic power of the hi-tech venture from international firms, with it also being the home for the Gigafactory 3 of Tesla.

China has been able to spend billions to further increase its capability in the manufacturing of commercial aircraft amid the deepening tensions with the United States, which has become the largest exporting nation of aviation technology and products.

Washington has recently tightened their exports of hi-tech products to China to be able to control the flow of sensitive technologies, as they were particularly concerned with the surrounding potential utilization by the military forces of China in the enhancement of their aviation.

The government of China wants to become further self-reliant in the production process of passenger jets, engines, raw materials, and airborne systems in order to break the Boeing and Airbus duopoly throughout the world.

The C919 aircraft, which has been specifically designed to be in competition with Airbus A 320 and Boeing 737, is expected to receive its certification by the end of the year 2021. However, many of the major components that are required to be installed in the aircraft are still manufactured by aviation companies in Europe and United States.

New commercial aircraft by China

The other project which China is working on, CR929, is currently in the world since the collaboration with Russian firm United Aircraft Corporation and COMAC from the year 2018. The UAC is a state-owned defense and aerospace firm based in the capital city of Moscow.

The announcement for the collaboration between UAC and COMAC regarding their initial cooperation was in the year 2014, which later led to the formation of a joint venture named the China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Corporation (CRAIC) in the year 2017.

A year after, the group stated that they would either be using General Electric from the United States or the Rolls Royce of the United Kingdom to supply key parts that would be used in the manufacturing of engines for the aircraft CR929.

According to the aviation analysts, it has been estimated that in the upcoming next few years, the domination in the aviation industry would be by narrow-bodies commercial aircraft due to the preventive measures that have been imposed due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, that had caused the dampening of long route international flights demand throughout the world, which tends to be a favorable condition for wider body commercial jets.

Although it is believed by aerospace analysts that there is still potential for having major sales domestically for the CR929 aircraft in both Russia and China, along with other countries located across Asia.

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