China Has Been Vaccinating Border Workers And Doctors Since July 2020

Vaccination Would Be Used For Mass Consumption After Guaranteed Results

Vaccination Would Be Used For Mass Consumption After Guaranteed Results

In China, the researchers have developed an experimental antidote for coronavirus infection, which is being used for vaccinating border workers and doctors since the month of July, for preventing further increase in the number of confirmed coronavirus patients and the death toll of the country. This usage of the experimental vaccine, which is yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Authority, is being put inside high-risk medical professional workers who are working at the frontline to combat the deadly coronavirus infection.

Experimental vaccination for healthcare staff

The director of the Science and Technology Development Center of the Chinese National Health Commission, saying that the antidote produced for vaccinating border workers and doctors, has been approved for human use on July 22 during an interview on Saturday with the Chinese national media broadcast. Director Zheng told the program of CCTV-2 that those individuals who are posing a high risk for the coronavirus viral infection are eligible for receiving this experimental vaccine, which includes frontline medical workers, healthcare staff at fever clinics, customs and border control and epidemic prevention workers.

This experimental antidote for vaccinating border workers and doctors has been developed by the China National Biotec Group Company (CNBG). The 3rd phase of the clinical trials for this antidote has been done in the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Argentina, and Peru.

Stages of development of Chinese coronavirus vaccine

Before the vaccine has been approved for mass consumption, it must pass through various stages to get the final approval. The production of a vaccine requires complete initial research and development procedure, which is then followed by a series of multiple pre-clinical and clinical trials. Each step of the process requires two to three years for completion. During the pre-clinical testing, the drug is cautiously injected into animals before it is deemed safe for human consumption.

According to the China’s vaccine law in article 20, that if a major incident occurs on the public health, the National Health Commission will submit an application to approve the emergency usage of vaccination, which are first evaluated by the country’s Food and Drug Administration and approved for the emergency consumption of the antidote by the NHC within a specific scale and limited amount of time. By following the same protocol, the experimental antidote is being used since July for vaccinating border workers and doctors as they pose the highest risk of infection by being in direct contact with the infectious patient.

Director Zheng, the head of the vaccination research and development team of the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism, stated that the next delivery phase for this experimental vaccination could potentially be used to prevent multiple coronavirus outbreak which is expected in the upcoming months of autumn and winter to form an immunity barrier.

Once the immunity barrier is formed inside the bodies of specific personnel, then the entire city would be taken under this project. Medical workers and personnel involved in doing several tasks around the city, i.e., farmers market, transport workers, and service industry personnel, are all eligible for this experimental antidote, which has been previously used for vaccinating border workers and doctors since July to limit the spread of viral infection.

This is not the first vaccine that has been approved for the use of emergency purposes. In the month of June, another experimental vaccine got emergency approval to be used for the consumption of the country’s military department. That antidote for the coronavirus was jointly made by the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, which is a part of the government of Chinas’ Academy of Military Medical Sciences along with a vaccination company called CanSino Biologics. The antidote made in July, which is currently being provided for vaccinating border workers and doctors, is most likely to be further used for mass consumption.

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