China Attempts To Impose Hong Kong Security Law

This could result in the complete elimination of Hong Kong

Result In the Complete Elimination of Hong Kong

A controversial motion has been filed against the national security law for Hong Kong, the ruling communist party of China. The security law bans secession, treason, subversion, and sedition, and has the ability to bypass all lawyers in Hong Kong. This controversial proposal to impose Hong Kong security law will prove to be an erosion of the autonomy of the region, which was promised by China.

Implementation of security law in Hong Kong

A wave of anger has spread in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China as the government tries to impose Hong Kong security law, due to which a mass protest has been called by the pro-democratic advocates. Some of the protestors were seen in the liaison office of China in Hong Kong on Friday.

The draft copy of the motion was filed at this year’s National People’s Congress and is the most important parliamentary event of the year. During the event, already decided decisions by the anti-capitalist leadership are publicly stamped for approval.

The region of Hong Kong is semi-autonomous, which was required to provide a security constitution after the British control handover in 1997. Hong Kong proves to be an economic powerhouse, but the area has been suffering from intense violent protests from last year. These forceful security measures as China imposes Hong Kong security law are essential to stop and prevent these sorts of protests in the upcoming future.

After implementation to impose Hong Kong security law on the region, the government has agreed to corporate with China to enact the legislation. The Hong Kong government has ensured that the security regulations would not affect or hinder the freedom of the city. No other changes have occurred since the decision except the Hang Seng Index of Hong Kong has dropped more than 5%.

China’s security law proposal

Before the public approval to impose Hong Kong security law draft decision by the National People’s Congress, 4th article out of total seven proved to be the most disputed by them all. The article states that the region of Hong Kong must improvise their national security. When required, the Chinese government would set up multiple agencies in the region to attain the relevant responsibility in accordance with the legislation.

Premier Li Keqiang has stated while addressing the NPC that a completely legitimate system and law enforcement procedure would be initiated to safeguard the national security of Hong Kong. The Chinese communist leadership to impose Hong Kong security law would provide help tackling the illegal and criminal activities in the city.

Multiple interpretations of Hong Kong security law implementation

A new security law in the region of Hong Kong has been long desired by the government of China due to continuous mass protests and confrontations happening inside the city. But this security legislation could provide different legal traditions in the region due to its general and wide framework.

Some of the major points that are present in the constitution include subversion, sedition, and treason and could lead to a wide set of interpretations. Up till now, the worst sentence any apprehended protestors have been prosecuted with is for rioting.

The concept of terrorism has also been included in the security proposal for Hong Kong. This could circumscribe a wide range of illegal activities and acts, resulting in unwanted and menacing criminal proceedings.

The final vote on the draft document to impose Hong Kong security law will be done at the end of this year’s NPC on May 28. Later, the laws will be finalized and enacted by NPC’s Standing Committee at the end of the month of June. Implementation of this law could result in the ending of the region of Hong Kong.

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