China Accuses G7 Of Manipulation and Slander

G7 Has Been Denounced by China After Their Statement Regarding Hong Kong And Xinjiang

China has recently publicly accused the G7 of causing political manipulation after they made several criticisms comments about China over various issues. It has been said in a joint statement after the end of the three-day summit held by the leaders of the G7 countries and has urged the government of China to respect the fundamental freedom and human rights of individuals residing in the country.

Unlawful imprisonment and detention

Multiple issues have been highlighted during the summit of G7, including the abuses which are currently still being conducted against the minority group of Uyghur Muslims for a long time, along with the suppression of the pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong.

The embassy of China, which is located in the United Kingdom, has accused the G7 summit of making baseless accusations against Beijing. A spokesperson from them gave a public statement on Monday, saying that the G7 should stop slandering China and should refrain from making interference in the internal affairs of the country, along with stop harming the interests of China.

The G7 has given a statement, which included pledges on different issues, such as steps required to tackle the increasing decline of climatic change and elimination of coronavirus pandemic, along with references to China.

The G7 is a group of the world’s largest advanced economies nations and is comprised of United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, and Canada. During the most recent summit held by the G7, they have called upon China to give respect to the human rights towards the residents of Xinjiang, which is China’s northwest region and is home to Uyghur and other few minorities of Muslims.

According to the experts, they agree that China has taken millions of Muslims of Uyghur and other minority communities in detention while imprisoning hundreds of thousands of individuals in restriction in Xinjiang, which was initiated in the year 2017. There have been numerous reports of psychological and physical extreme torture which is conducted inside the prison camps and detention centers located across the region. All allegations which have been made have been completely denied by China.

Hong Kong and Taiwan

The statement given during the G7 summit has also called for the freedom and rights to be respected in the region of Hong Kong, where recently a new law has been passed by the government of China in the previous year which has made it very easy to punish the public protestors by the police department.

The G7 leaders had said that the country of Hong Kong should be given a high degree of autonomy, as was previously established under the agreements in the year 1997 when it was handed back to the government of China.

The statement underlined the importance of stability and peace in the region of Taiwan Strait, which is a heavily guarded and armed waterway that proves a separation between the borders of Taiwan and China. The government of China sees the democratic country of Taiwan as a breakaway province of the country; meanwhile, Taiwan sees itself as a separate and sovereign state in the world.

They have also demanded a new and separate investigation to be conducted in China regarding the origination of the deadly worldwide pandemic of COVID-19.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has said that he has become satisfied with the language used in the statement by the G7 on China.

Although the Embassy of China in the United Kingdom has become opposed regarding the mentions of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Xinjiang in the G7 summit, and has said that they had distorted the actual facts and only exposed the sinister intentions which were made by few nations which are a part of the G7, including the United States.

In the upcoming days, a stronger and firmer message is to be issued by the leaders of the Nato military alliance during a meeting that is to be conducted on Monday. According to the Secretary-General of Nato Jens Stoltenberg, they know that the government of China does not share the same values as them, due to which they are to respond against the country by forming an alliance together. He said that after he arrived in Brussels for the one-day summit.

The national security adviser of the White House, Jake Sullivan, has stated that the country would be featuring in the communique of Nato in a vigorous way that has never been seen before.

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