Charlie’s Angel and Bond Girl Dies at 65: Tanya Roberts

The Sudden Demise of the Infamous Hollywood Actress While Being Perfectly Fine A Few Days Ago

The well-known actress from the United States, best known for her Hollywood roles in the season finale of the Charlie’s Angle and one of the Bond Series film A View to a Kill, Tanya Roberts has died at the age of 65. The death of Tanya Roberts, also known as the Bond girl was announced to the public by her agent and friend Mike Pingel, who during the announcement called her ‘the sweetest individual you would ever meet’.

Sudden Death

On December 24, 2020, Tanya Roberts suddenly collapsed on the sidewalk while she was outside of her residents and has taken her dogs for a walk. Later, she was admitted to a medical center in Los Angeles.

The cause of death for the Bond girl is yet to be disclosed to the public on Sunday, although it is confirmed that her immediate health deterioration was not due to the current deadly issue of the coronavirus pandemic. In the days following her sudden mortality, no illness has been diagnosed that could have become the cause of her unexpected demise.

Tanya Roberts was born in the year 1955 and has spent her childhood in New York before moving to Los Angeles at the age of 22. Before joining the film industry, Roberts worked as a career modeling and television advertisements for a couple of years before turning to Hollywood as a full-time actress. Her first big role was when she was able cast in Charlie’s Angels and given the role as a third angel after replacing Shelly Hack. After the show was cancelled, the bond girl was cast in adventure fantasy films like Armour, Hearts and The Beast master.

Hollywood Career

One of the most famous performances of Roberts was in the last Bond Film in opposition to Sir Roger Moore, due to which she is also known to the public as the Bond Girl after the release of the movie.

Due to her stunning performance in the movie, she was later offered casting role in the fantasy adventure film Sheena: Queen of the Jungle 1984. In the past recent years, the infamous Bond girl had a recurring role in a sitcom series named That 70’s Show.

Later in her career, Roberts was able to receive the Golden Raspberry award for being the worst actress in her film released in the year 1984 in which she acted the role of Sheena. The Bond girl was able to receive a Razzie nomination for her role of Stacey Sutton, a geologist in the Bond film A View to a Kill in the year 1985. Later, Tanya Roberts, aka Bond Girl admitted that she was a little cautious regarding her role in the film, but after her nomination, she believed that turning down the casting role would have been ridiculous.

The Bond girl was able to score a major role of a character named Midge Pinciotti in the 1998 sitcom called That 70’s Show, which aired till 2004, and she appeared in more than eighty episodes of the series.

Multiple actors that have worked alongside Tanya Roberts had paid their tribute to the Bond girl when they heard about her sudden death. Britt Ekland was also one of the people who paid tribute to the infamous actresses, whom she worked alongside in a film alongside Sir Roger in the year 1974.

The director of the cult film The Beastmaster, remembered the Bond Girl Tanya Roberts as a beautiful person, both inside and outside, while he got an acquaintance to her during the shooting of the film. In his tweet after hearing the sorrowful news of the sudden death of her, he wrote that she was an incredibly sweet person and had a genuine love for animals around her.

Tanya Robert’s agent Mike Pingel, who was also one of her friends for a long time, said that he is devastated after hearing the news of Roberts abrupt death even though she didn’t show any concerning symptoms before her death.

He also stated that Roberts was beautiful and brilliant, had a huge heart and to say that she was an angel would be accurate. She loved all of her well-wishers and fans so much and was unable to realize her complete worth by them while being alive.

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