Ceasefire in Yemen Due To Coronavirus

93% Population Expected To Get Infected Due To No Medical Supplies in the Country

Peace in the World Is the Need All Creatures

There has been an escalation in the fights between Houthi rebels and forces that are loyal to the exiled government, in spite of the ceasefire in Yemen due to coronavirus pandemic, which was designed to help the country during the crisis which is suppose to last for two weeks. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is affecting the whole world’s economy, and major multinational industries might not be able to get back on track in the near future due to massive economic recession as international borders have been closed down along with all public gatherings and non-essential travel, which will provide hindrance in the escalation of the spread of COVID-19.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2, 034,309 individuals have been confirmed of having the virus since its outbreak on November 17 in Mainland China from which it has rapidly spread in 210 countries and territories across the globe in the time duration of four months and is still continuously rapidly spreading during which 129, 913 people have already died. To prevent the acceleration of more deaths worldwide, it has been decided to implement a ceasefire in Yemen due to coronavirus outbreak, which would help limit the death toll.

Ceasefire to help the war-torn and disrupted country amid COVID-19 pandemic

The ceasefire in Yemen due to the coronavirus outbreak in the area will help the country to contain the pandemic amid its disruption and chaos between the government and Houthis. To restore back the internationally recognized government in Yemen, Saudi and Emirati lead coalition fighting is against the Houthis. The government has blamed the Houthis of breaching the truce of the ceasefire in Yemen due to coronavirus 241 times in the time duration of 48 hours.

This breach includes the usage of heavy artillery machinery along with ballistic missile attacks on the area occupied by central governorates of Marib, Nihm, and al-Jawf, which has previously been subjected to multiple battles since the start of 2020 that has led to the displacement of more than 40,000 people from the area.

This ceasefire in Yemen due to the coronavirus outbreak to help stabilize the country’s economy during the crisis was announced by Saudi Arabia to come into effect last week, but was called out to be a media and political move by Houthi officials. A counter offer was presented by them via United Nations officials, which only applied to violence between Saudi Arabia and the rebels, rather than those troops who are loyal to the Yemeni president.

 Civil War in Yemen

The Yemeni civil war began on March 19,2015, between Houthis and a group lead by the Yemeni government under the control of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi. Since the Arab nations intervened to eradicate the area from the Houthi armed group, this civil war has been converted into the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, which has been solved since the last five years during which thousands of lives have been lost, and most of the general population of the country is directly affected by the violence carried by air strikes and armed forces.

To help the country solve the COVID-19 pandemic for which one case has been confirmed in the country as testing facilities are not available in the country, it has been announced to implement a ceasefire in Yemen due to coronavirus, to limit the number of innocent lives lost along with prevention against further transmission of the infection. According to the United Nations Health Workers, 93% out of the total population of the country would be affected by COVID -19 pandemic.

The health care system of the country is completely disrupted as hospitals and clinics have been bombarded into rubble, and no testing kits are available in the country, which would help diagnose and later isolate the infected patients in the region.

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