Ceasefire Between Israel and Hamas Has Come into Effect

The Truce Have Come into Effect After 11 Days of Destruction and Attempted Mass Murder by Israeli Forces on Palestine

The Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire has come into effect in the early hours on Friday, which has brought an end to the fighting between Israeli military forces and the militant group of Palestinians which has been protecting the Gaza Strip Hamas, which was going on continuously over the past 11 days, leading to the death of more than 240 individuals, out of which most were present in the city of Gaza.

Soon after the truce was signed by both parties, the residents of Palestine all came onto the streets of Gaza City to celebrate the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire, although Hamas also gave warning that their hands are still on the trigger, suggesting that in case of any small misdemeanor from the Israeli military, Hamas would be ready to retaliate with full force.

Both the parties, Hamas and Israel, have claimed to be victorious in the conflict.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has stated that the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire has brought a sincere chance for improvement in the region.

As soon as the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas came into effect at 2:00 on Friday, a massive number of Palestinians came out on the street wither in their motor vehicles or on foot to celebrate the victory. In the city of Gaza, the drivers honked the horns of their cars while loudspeakers of several mosques chanted ‘the victory of the resistance’.

According to the military forces of Israel, they would soon be removing all emergency restrictions nationwide, which had been placed on all movements throughout the country during the fighting and airstrikes between the militants of both countries as the implementation of the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire have come into effect.

Fight between Hamas and Israel

Since May 10, the fighting began between both Palestinians and Israelis after weeks of escalating tensions among them in the region of East Jerusalem, which also lead to various clashes between the Palestinian civilians and Israeli police force at the site of Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is revered by both Jews and Muslims.

The militant group which protects the Gaza Strip Hamas started to fire rockets onto Israel after given multiple warning to the Israel forces prior to firing to withdraw their troops from the location, which later triggered retaliatory airstrikes from Israel, and almost converted into full-scale war if not for the timely placement of Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire.

It has been confirmed that around 232 individuals, which includes more than 100 children and women, have been killed during the airstrikes in Gaza, which have been reported by the health ministry under the supervision of Hamas.

Meanwhile, it has been reported Israel that out of the deceased Palestinians which had been confirmed, about 150 had been militant soldiers belonging to Hamas in the Gaza City, although no figure of casualties in the Hamas forces has been given by the militant group.

In Israel, only 12 individuals, which includes 2 children, have reportedly died, as said by their medical service provider.

Before the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire came into effect, the military forces of Israel fired more than 4,300 rockets onto the region which is occupied by the Hamas militant group near the city of Gaza, but have only attempted to cause destruction with 1,000, as the rest of the 3,300 were timely intercepted by Hamas.

Truce after 11 days of warfare

According to the Israeli Political-Security Cabinet, on Thursday night that they had unanimously accepted the recommendation made for the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire. The statement included that the emphasis has been made by the political leaders and that the certainty on the ground would further help in determining the future of this operation.

The Defense Minister of Israel Benny Grantz posted a tweet on Twitter that the offensive takes on the Gaza City had led to unprecedented gains in the military. One of the officials of the Israeli military force told the present ministers that the Palestinian militant group Hamas has suffered from seriously harmful blows and has been deterred due to the attack by the Israeli military before the implementation of the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire in the region.

One of the officials from Hamas has told a news agency that the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire, which has been announced by the Israeli government, has amounted to a victory for the people of Palestine while defeating the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. The same view is also shared by the people who were celebrating across the city of Gaza.

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