Ceasefire begins between Russia and Turkey in Idlib

Four million people will now have a chance to return back home.

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The Syrian war is the main reason behind which has marked graves for thousands of innocent individuals whose only mistake was that they lived in the region. The city of Saraqeb has seen many illegal activities in these last nine years to last a lifetime. To counter these acts, the ceasefire begins between Russia and Turkey in Idlib province. The province of Idlib is the last stronghold of Syria and has seen a massive amount of violence and bloodshed in the previous couple of months, which lead to the displacement of a million inhabitants towards the neighboring countries since December 2019.

Since then, around three hundred civilians, including a hundred of children, have been brutally killed in Idlib. Most of the people who displaced had died due to the harsh weather conditions in the area.

Ceasefire begins between Russia and Turkey in Idlib from March 6, 2020

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin have announced that the ceasefire begins between Russia and Turkey in Idlib after being in a meeting for six hours. This meeting was conducted on March 5, 2020, in Moscow, Russia, between the two countries’ presidents and officials. This was to be initiated into effect from 00:01 am on March 6, 2020.

According to the Turkish president Erdogan’s statement that if Russian backed Syrian rebels will attack Idlib or Turkey, the Turkish militia and rebels will be inclined to retaliate with full efforts. The crisis of Idlib is the first time Turkey has launched an offensive attack against Syrian forces, and the Turkish president has been accused of having personal interests behind the attacks.

The Russian president Putin hopes that this deal might serve as a sound basis for ultimately finishing up the violence in the de-escalation zone in Idlib. Putin also said that this will be able to end the insurmountable sufferings the civilian inhabitants of the region have faced and to reduce the growing humanitarian crisis. The ceasefire begins between Russia and Turkey in Idlib also brings the resettlement of the inhabitants that were lead to migrate back into their area.

Continuous violence just before the commencement of ceasefire

It has been reported that the Turkish soldiers killed 21 Syrian forces along with the destruction of two artillery pieces and a couple of missile launchers in retribution of the murder of two Turkish forces soldiers in the province of Idlib on Thursday morning. To reduce the amount of bloodshed, the ceasefire begins between Russia and Turkey in Idlib.

In addition to that, it has been agreed to set up a secure and cemented corridor along the border of Idlib and to provide army patrol from both countries to secure the area.  This corridor would be six kilometers long along the M4 highway. The parameters of the corridors would be set up in the upcoming week between the two defense ministers.

The two Turkish forces soldiers that were killed on Thursday morning bring the toll of dead Turkish forces to sixty since the start of February 2020. There was also an attack over a Syrian village on Thursday that took the lives of fifteen people, including children, and left many severely injured.

Ceasefire beneficial for the population

The Ceasefire begins between Russia and Turkey in Idlib would be helpful in saving the lives of the rest of the population in the region. Over four million people who displaced from Syria into Turkey, it has become crucial to settle the crisis once and for all as it has become really hard for the Turkish government to handle such a large amount. The European countries also reacted towards the settlement when the Turkish president threatened the European countries by allowing the asylum seekers to travel to Europe.

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