Cape Town Is Virus Hotspot in South Africa

President Ramaphosa Will Visit the Province of Western Cape This Week

People Must Prepare Themselves to Combat the Viral Pathogen

The Western Cape Province, along with Cape Town is virus hotspot in South Africa, in which more than half of the country’s coronavirus cases are accounted for. The total number of confirmed COVID-19 infected patients is 10,652 in South Africa, along with 206 deaths and 4,357 individuals able to successfully recover back to their optimum level. 116 out of the total death toll have been recorded in the Western Cape Province.

COVID-19 outbreak in South Africa

The poor and densely populated area of Cape Town is virus hotspot in South Africa. The country of South Africa has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases on the continent. An estimated population of 1.6 million people has been allowed to return back to their workplaces in factories and mines as certain businesses have been allowed to reopen across the country.

As the concentration of COVID-19 cases is increasing in the region of Cape Town, the lockdown restrictions, which were recently eased to facilitate the population of the area will reinstate more strict policies to prevent further transmission of the infection to save the lives of the public.

Cape Town is virus hotspot in South Africa as the spread of the infectious pathogen in escalating. The province has entered into a new phase of coronavirus pandemic, which will affect the general population of the area. This phase is expected to be experienced by every part of the country at some point during the pandemic.

Political issues in Western Cape due to coronavirus pandemic

Multiple issues have arisen, and the political battle has begun in the region as Western Cape, along with Cape Town is virus hotspot in South Africa due to escalation in confirmed COVID-19 cases. The governing party of the region, Democratic Alliance has called to lift the multiple lockdown restrictions due to economic recession, but President Cyril Ramaphosa along with the ruling party of African Congress are against it and wants to implement strict country wide lockdown to prevent further spread of the infectious pathogen in the surrounding area.

President Ramaphosa is scheduled to visit the province of Western Cape in the upcoming week. During the weekly letter to the country that the general population of South Africa must keep awareness regarding the active spread of coronavirus in the country that might remain for more than one year. People must prepare themselves to combat the viral pathogen as a part of their daily routine.

Cape Town is virus hotspot in South Africa, in which the people must observe the preventive protocols implemented by the government, including social distancing, wearing of face mask, personal hygiene, frequent washing of hands along with reduced human contact.

Reorganization of workplaces, educational institutes along other public places must be done for limited transmission of viral microorganism and prevention of massive outbreak as Cape Town is virus hotspot in South Africa.

COVID-19 spread across the world

Worldwide, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly even after the strict implementation of preventive measures by the governing bodies of the country. The total number of confirmed COVID-19 patients has reached a count of 4,226,864 since the outbreak was first reported in Mainland China several months ago. The world has come to a standstill due to the massive worldwide economic recession, directly affecting major international industries in the process.

The death count has reached 285, 252, mostly consisting of individuals with a weak autoimmune system and age over 60. 1,511,781 individuals have been successfully able to recover back to their optimum health level after suffering from mild symptoms of the infection, including dry cough, fever, fatigue and muscular weakness.

47,062 coronavirus patients are currently under strict observation as they are going through severe symptoms associated with the infection while under intensive care in hospitals across the globe.

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