Can You Trust Refurbished Laptops And Phones? Know It Before Buying

Refurbished Devices Are Cheap but Provide Same Quality of Work with Lesser Price Tag

Buying a refurbished smartphone or laptop is an easier way to save cash while getting the same features of a brand-new device. While there are various websites available online from where refurbished phones and laptops are being sold through direct contact with the owner, although it is very difficult to know that the product being bought would come exactly the same as described by the owner.

This does not apply to all online retail websites, as used devices offered by webpages like eBay or Swappa, as both of them offer buyer protection policies which will ensure that the customer has received the same product which he has paid for. Meanwhile, another option is available for users, as they could also buy refurbished laptops or phones, as they are generally available in better quality.

Before browsing for a refurbished smart device, regardless of it being Gazelle or Apple, some factors should be checked to prevent any unwanted complications with the device after buying.

What companies do with refurbished smartphones and laptops?

When an individual trade-in or sell their old device to a firm like Best Buy, Gazelle, or a wireless carrier company, the gadget undergoes an evaluation process. If the condition of the device is new and has a proper working order, it is possible that it would go through a process for refurbishment to be sold as a refurbished or used device.

The approach for refurbishment is different, which would help to ensure that a laptop or smartphone will continue working properly. For instance, the old devices refurbished by Apple are classified as ‘almost new’, as each of the devices is thoroughly cleaned, any damaged or faulty parts are to be replaced with new, and the entire device is completely tested for optimum performance. The refurbished iPhones are generally inserted with new housing and battery to prevent lag or issues in battery life.

The renewed program offered by Amazon regarding refurbished products has a somewhat similar approach as they also test, inspect and repair any damage to the device by the previous owner. Amazon provides the complete guarantee that the refurbished product offered by them would have at least 80% capacity to work while providing caution that the device might have some scratches on the exterior of the device.

Return policy for refurbished items

Whether a device is refurbished or brands new, some are bound to be lemons. It is to be expected that the refurbished item possibly not work as previously expected. Some of the companies offering refurbished devices like Amazon or Gazelle do not provide a replacement for the housing of the device, due to which the product might have some external cosmetic damages. Gazelle has a thorough explanation regarding the expectations for buying a refurbished device from them in fair condition, along with providing photos as an example.

The photos are not of the exact product being bought but serves as an example regarding the different levels of damage or wear and tear on the external surface of the device being sold by them. In most cases, buyers have the facility to return back the product if they are not happy with its usage. Before getting a product, which has been refurbished, the customer should read the policies or FAQ, along with the return policy, to prevent any unwanted turn of events.

Warranty applicable on refurbished electronic devices

Even though a device has been refurbished, it does not usually come with a warranty. Several firms offer a limited warranty time period to give their consumers a sense of reliability regarding their purchase. All of the refurbished Apple products come with a standard warranty period of one year. Gazelle has a return policy of thirty days, which is considered as a limited warranty, but the firm also offers an extra year of protection with an extended period of warranty, which also covers accidental damages of property.

Amazon provides a 90 satisfaction guarantee during which customers are able to return a refurbished product for a refund.

Refurbished product working with a carrier

When browsing to buy a refurbished smartphone device, the carrier limitations should be specially checked. The items which have been refurbished by Apple, Gazelle or Amazon, provide a clear description that they are intended to be used either on a specified carrier or if it is unlocked, it would work on every carrier.

Accessories with refurbished items

If the product listing does not include items with the purchased product, like cable or charger, it is advised to contact the seller or firm to confirm the items included with the purchase. In the case of Apple, all items required with the device to work and included in with the purchase. The most important item which should be included is a charger. As in the case with Amazon, the charger is in the box, but it might not be an official product but would work with the bought laptop or phone.

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