California Wildfires Burned Record Area This Year

The Entire Area That Has Been Burned Is Equivalent To The Area Covered By Delaware

The Entire Area That Has Been Burned Is Equivalent To The Area Covered By Delaware

This year, the California wildfires have burned throughout a record number of area, and the local firefighters are still continuing to combat against the uncontrollable blazing fire that has spread in several areas across the state. According to the department of forestry and fire protection of the state, the California wildfires have burned large amounts of land, which has exceeded two million acres, which is more in size than the city of Delaware.

Blazing wildfires burned several areas in California

One of the California wildfires, El Dorado that had begun during a gender reveal party by a family, has stretched over the land of 7,000 acres.  Due to the increasing and continuing fires across the state, the environmental temperature experienced by the region has reached a new record of a heat wave. According to the meteorological department of the country, the highest temperature ever for the city of Los Angeles was recorded, which has reached 49.4C on Sunday. According to the weather forecast, strong winds are expected to begin from Tuesday, which will reduce the increasing temperature of the area, but could potentially, further spread the California wildfires in the surrounding area.

To control the escalating wildfires, the state of California has provided 14,000 firefighters who are continuously trying to control and eliminate the 24 sites of California wildfires across the entire state. One of the biggest wildfire being experienced in California is known as Creek Fire, due to which 78,000 acres of land have been completely burned down since the flames spread out in the area of Sierra Mountains a few days ago. According to the local authorities, none of the fires have yet been contained as they continue to advance and widen.

Due to the California wildfire in the town of Big Creek, around two dozen individuals have burned down. As the raging fire continues to extend, at least 200 hikers were required to be airlifted from the Mammoth Pool Reservoir as they were trapped and surrounded by the blazing sparks and fire. San Diego County has suffered from the Valley Fire, which has completely burned through at least 10,000 acres of land and has also caused the immediate evacuation of a remote town located near due to the increased possibility of the rapid spread of California wildfire.

The bobcat fire that occurred in the area of Angeles National Forest has also suffered from the terrible loss of flora over the area as the fires have spread and completely burned down around 5,000 acres and have also caused the evacuation of all personnel from the Mount Wilson Observatory.

Cause of initiation of Fire

According to the firefighting department of California Cal Fire that is continuously trying to control the escalating California wildfires, the cause for the starting of El Dorado that occurred in the San Bernadino County was due to the use of a smoke-generator device which was being used by a family during their gender reveal party. Normally, gender reveal parties are conducted by expecting parents with their families to celebrate the gender of their expecting child. In the past several years, multiple parties have gone wrong and have done extensive damage, out of which one woman lost her life in 2019 during an incident at a party.

The accident has occurred even after Cal Fire has alerted the public regarding the potential cause of large wildfires in the state due to the dry conditions and weather that supports critical fires, which could be easily caused by small sparks. Those individuals that are causing these California wildfires could possibly be held criminally and financially responsible for these acts. More than 1,000 wildfires have begun due to the lightning strikes that have occurred in the state of California since August 15.

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