Bushfires finally ended in Australia’s New South Wales

Australia is now finally free after 240 days of torment.

Finally, God Helps To Extinguish the Bushfires.

The Australian Bushfires have been an ongoing process that started in July 2019 in the region and has contributed to loads of global warming and has affected the health of millions of individuals. Along with the amount of pollution these Bushfires cause, a large number of animals inhabited in the lands are also being killed due to these fires, but now the Bushfires finally ended in Australia.

The Australian fire department plays a major role in the saving of the lives of humans and animals alike. These Bushfires are the reasons behind many species of various animals are now tagged extinct, and preservation of these lives has also become a major priority.

What causes these bush fires? :

These Bushfires increased in a massive number due to the increasing amount of consumption of fossil fuel and emissions of greenhouse gases that play a major role in the depletion of the ozone layer that protects the earth from the harmful ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun. Australia’s 70% of electricity is produced by the use of fossil fuels and that has caused major disruption in the climatic conditions of the area.

For the last ten years, the climatic changes of Australia are getting severe mainly because of the insurmountable consumption of coal and fuels and the main reason behind the increasing number of bush fires, very high-temperature changes in summer that also disrupts the public lives. Recently it is now being confirmed that Bushfires finally ended in Australia and specifically in New South Wales.

Bushfires finally ended in Australia

The Bushfires finally ended in Australia, more importantly in the New South Wales for the first time after more than two forty days of continuous wildfire. Due to these bush fires, around twenty-eight people are dead, and three thousand homes are destroyed. Up to a billion animals are also affected during this period.

According to the fire department, all fires in New South Wales have been declared contained on February 13, 2020. Now, all Bushfires in the region have been completely extinguished.

Last month, this latest fire season was very traumatic and exhausting for the people, firefighters, and the volunteer rescuers of the fire department of the country.  These Bushfires finally ended in Australia, mainly due to the drastic climate changes in the region. Large amounts of rainfall helped contain the fire, but that also leads to flooding, building destructions, damaging winds, and highly dangerous surfs.

These extreme weather conditions forced the inhabitants to evacuate the area immediately by which corporate offices and schools got shut down for a period of time. These rainfalls helped firefighters control and extinguish around thirty fires in New South Wales, which is considered a piece of very positive news.

Bushfires in other Australian states:

There were large numbers of fires across Australia, but it had hit the New South Wales the most by scorching millions of acres of land.  Australia suffers a fire season every year, but this year has formed a new record of bringing extreme heat and the worst droughts in the country since date.  Due to these bush fires, the most hazardous thing was the amount of smoke in the air that leads to further secondary complications in the country, including the incapacity to sea and land the aircraft in the flight zones.

Bushfires finally ended in Australia, but it has left the area damaged, including world heritage areas in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.  People around the world donated millions of dollars for the homeless people and the firefighters who are putting their own lives at stake to save others from the horrors of these fires.

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