Coronavirus Outbreak: Boris Johnson Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Continue To Work His Office under Self-Isolation

Boris Johnson Tests Positive for Coronavirus due to Ignoring Preventive Measures

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus. He is currently under self-isolation in his residence at Downing Street. The novel coronavirus has been increasing fast across the world; even after all preventive measures are put into place. Due to COVID 19, 577, 508 individuals have yet contacted the infection, out of which 26, 447 people have died after being severely ill. Out of the massive number of people who got infected, 130, 018 recovered back to optimum health after experiencing mild symptoms and being under isolation for more than 14 days.

As Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus, he is said to be experiencing mild symptoms associated with the infection for the last 24 hours, including fever and cough. Even after Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus, he will be continuing his work to lead the government from his residence.

Health Secretary of the United Kingdom Matt Hancock has also been tested positive for COVID 19. Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty’s tests result are not yet public, but he is said to be experiencing the symptoms associated with the novel coronavirus.

The deaths in the United Kingdom are also escalating fast as the death toll has reached 759 out of 14, 579 individuals who have been confirmed yet to carry the novel coronavirus.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus and is the first leader around the world who has announced publicly of acquiring the virus up till now. Johnson was last seen publicly on Thursday night outside No. 10 as a part of the thank you gesture for the NHS staff from across the nation. Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus, and he announced the news on his twitter account by posting a video of himself in which he said that he is currently working from home and using a video calling service to continue leading the government in these tough and challenging times.

He also thanked the NHS staff for working nonstop to fight the virus as much as they can. Prime Minister Johnson urges the general population to stay at home and spend quality time with your loved ones, which will help reduce the risk of further spread of the virus from household to household.

Will the Prime Minister continue his job?

Even after Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus, he will remain in charge of handling the critical situation of the country from the isolated premises of his residence after he was tested on Thursday by the NHS staff outside No. 10. It is also put into consideration that if Mr. Johnson suddenly becomes too sick to handle the country’s affairs, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab would step in to take his place as interim British Prime Minister until Johnson gets back to health.

After the reports regarding Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus, he is currently residing in No 11 Downing Street, which is now completely sealed off. Food and other household necessities for life are left on the doorstep of the flat to reduce physical contact to the minimum amount. His isolation period is expected to last for more than seven days, and all staff is to interact with the president with a minimum distance of two meters between them.

After the results of the tests came back positive for Boris Johnson, his fiancée Carrie Symonds, who is a few months pregnant, is also under self-isolation, but it is not confirmed if both of them are residing in the same place. To provide full safety for the female and child, pregnant females are particularly advised to follow social distancing as much as possible and avoid physical contact for up to 12 week period.

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