Boeing 737 Max Gained Clearance To Fly In Europe After Crashes

Boeing Has Agreed To Compensate $2.5 Billion for the Settlement of US Criminal Charges for Hiding Data from Safety Official Regarding Design of the Aircraft

The Boeing 737 max aircraft has gained clearance to return for commercial flight schedule throughout the European air space as the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has lifted the 22-months duration long ban on the aircraft for passenger flights for the aircraft. The decision was taken after the same jet was involved in two crashes, which has caused the loss of a total of 346 lives, including passengers and crew members. Although, Boeing 737 max has been in the use of various airlines for cargo purposes.

The aircraft by Boeing 737 max has recently been cleared to resume its course for commercial flights in the past month in the United States and Brazil. In the last week of January 2021, the senior manager working at the manufacturing plant of Boeing 737 max located in Seattle has given a warning to the firm that the recertification obtained by the aircraft manufacturing company has happened far too quickly then he would have preferred, keeping in mind the safety of human lives.

After a thorough investigation of the reprogramming and updated versions of software installed in the recently manufactured Boeing 737 max aircraft jets, the regulators have given a positive review, saying that the flying jet is now completely safe for commercial purposes.

The executive director of EASA, Patrick Ky, said in a statement that he is confident that the Boeing 737 max aircraft is now completely safe for traveling, including the entire airspace of Europe, which was also a precondition which has been set for the approval for recertification for the jet.

Even though the approval has been granted to resume the commercial flight services by Boeing 737 max to be continued for travel to Brazil, the United States, and Europe, the state of working for the aircraft will also be closely monitored by the aviation authority to regulate and prevent any possible issue that might occur unexpectedly.

The aerospace firm has committed to further enhance the performance of the aircraft to reach the highest achievable level of safety for the passengers to be seated inside the aircraft. The EASES represent around 31 European Union countries, excluding the United Kingdom, which has formerly left the alliance this month.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom will separately announce their report for clearance of the Boeing 737 max for immediate commercial flights, as the flying jet is currently being used for transportation of cargo material by various logistics firms.

Software malfunction

The first accident in which the Boeing 737 max was involved occurred in October 2018, when the aircraft owned by the airline Lion Air suddenly came down in the surrounding water body of Indonesia. The second incident followed after four months of the first one and involved the same aircraft type owned by the Ethiopian Airlines unexpectedly crashed shortly after its takeoff from the Addis Ababa airstrip.

Both the aircraft crashes were attributed to the malfunctioning of the flight control software installed on the aircraft hardware. The causes of the accidents were the activation of the MCAS system at the wrong time, which prompted the aircraft to go into a sudden catastrophic dive, which consequently resulted in an unpredictable crash.

Patrick Ky has also stated that they had done a complete investigation for the Boeing 737 max, which has been done independent of the firm Boeing or the United States Federal Aviation Administration and has been conducted without any pressure of political or economic consideration. As a result, the EASA has demanded a renewal of all updated software protocols, rework of all internal electrical wiring, maintenance checking, operation manuals up-gradation, and crew members training.

During the recertification checking, the aviation authority has asked very difficult questions until they have gotten satisfactory results and have pushed very hard to get the solution, which has passed the safety requirement testing.

The European Cockpit Association is an organization that represents all European working pilots, has endorsed the decision for the recertification of Boeing 737 max for commercial flights in Europe. They have also said that the EASA has engaged with the firm for the testing procedure for Boeing 737 max and have been able to create a more transparent process, which will be helpful for all concerned authorities.

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