Bloodshot: Hollywood movie

Anew Comic Universe Set To Compete With MCU and DCU.

After the massive success of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Dark Horse Universe, Valiant comics are now launching their first adaptation of comics by the name of Bloodshot, which will be starring Vin Diesel. This movie will be the debut feature of director David S.F Wilson. This movie is action, sci-fi, and thriller based on a superhero that was created by Valiant comics.

The director is a native of Cape Town, has also previously launched a visual effects company in his home country along with Sharlto Copley. The director was enlisted to work at Blur Studio effects and animation house with the future director of Terminator and Deadpool Tim Miller in Venice, California. After working for some time there, David Wilson took a leap of faith and decided to feature Bloodshot as his debut.

According to Vin Diesel, his new movie Bloodshot will be a massive hit as it arrives in theaters this week. The film was scheduled to arrive in February, but its date was pushed to March for some unforeseeable issues. The movie seems like it has the same plot of terminator and Robocop combined. Bloodshot is set to be released worldwide on March 13, 2020, and is expected to bring back a hefty revenue.

Bloodshot is the first comic by Valiant comics to be adapted as a film. This is the first time Vin diesel will be starring as a live-action hero after spending some time with the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the voice of Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Vin Diesel also had massive success over his Fast and Furious franchise, which is still ongoing along with XXX.

Sony, along with Valiant comics, is hoping that Bloodshot will provide them a franchise opener as comic book adaptations are very well-liked such as MCU and DC. For this, bloodshot needs to work very well at the box office, which would be very hard, and many people are not familiar with the comics, even though Vin Diesel has a huge fan base and is able to perform exceptionally well in action movies.

About the Comic

Bloodshot was released in the 1990s, along with several other comics such as Harbinger and Eternal Warrior, which were greatly loved at the time. The plot of the comic is the same as the movie. The comic is very long, and several films are expected to be made in the franchise along with a crossover with Harbinger called Harbinger Wars, but it would be tough to do so as Paramount owns the rights to Harbinger which was released a few years ago.

The plot of Bloodshot

The movie Bloodshot is based on the comics released by the same name. Ray Garrison, the protagonist, starred by Vin Diesel, is a soldier who died rather gruesomely and was used as a lab rat to test a new form of a super soldier and later resurrected by the same technology.

The technology showed during the movie is called nanites, which is an indestructible microscopic intelligence machine. This was invented by the leader of a secret company called Rising Spirit Technologies. Ray is one of the several individuals who underwent this program, but everyone except him did not survive the experiment. He now carries out multiple tasks for the company with his inhuman strength and precise shots.

The new nanobot body helps Garrison with super fast heeling, and shape-shifting As some parts of his memory begin to surface, he then wants to take revenge as his wife was murdered by a psychopathic arsonist. Garrison soon discovers that the memory, he has about the shocking event and his entire life before the surgery is not what they seem to be.

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