Blood Group A Is More Vulnerable To Coronavirus

Other blood groups should still follow the preventive measures against COVID 19

Humanity is Vulnerable To Coronavirus

After multiple researches regarding COVID 19, it has been claimed that Blood group A is more vulnerable to coronavirus. This research and data collection was done by scientists in China, where they studied the blood group pattern of more than 2,000 individuals who have acquired the infection as part of the study. According to the research, blood group A is more vulnerable to coronavirus and tends to have more severity in symptoms as compared to other blood groups. As blood group A is more vulnerable to coronavirus, blood group O is the least susceptible blood group to be infected by COVID 19.

Scientists are still working around the clock to find a cure for COVID 19, which has infected 341, 696 individuals across the globe out of which 99, 041 have recovered successfully, but 14, 756 also died due to COVID 19. Out of 227,899 active cases, only 5% are in a critical situation, and the rest of the people will be able to fully recover after experiencing mild symptoms associated with the infection.

Different Blood Types

The human blood has been categorized into four basic types, A, B, AB, and O. The letters refer to the antigen present on the surface of RBCs and works to provide the required oxygen inside the body. The blood groups are known to impact the health of the person as people with type A are more prone to infections, and type O is at the risk of uncontrolled bleeding after trauma due to less clotting factors present. Similarly, type A, B, and AB are more prone to develop coronary heart disease, which is due to the presence of certain proteins, which lead to excessive blood clotting.

About the research paper

This study was led by the Wang Xinghuan at the Wuhan University, also being the original ground of the infection. The researchers took the blood sample of 2,173 individuals from three different hospitals of Hubei province that have been diagnosed with COVID 19. According to this research, it was found that the general populations of China have 34% blood type O and 32% blood type A.

Around 41% of COVID 19 diagnosed patients had blood type A and 25% of the patients had blood type O. Out of the total 2,173 people with COVID 19, 206 individuals died. From the data collected from dead patients, 41% had blood type A (85 patients). So this study reveals that blood group A is more vulnerable to coronavirus as compared to the other three blood types.

According to the statement given by Gao Yingdai, a researcher in Tianjin, These researchers might be helpful for the medical staff, which is working alongside the patients, the general public does not have to create panic regarding this. Even as blood group A is more vulnerable to coronavirus, it does not mean that an individual who has blood type A is 100% going to be infected by COVID 19.

Similarly, if a person has type O blood, it does not portray that the virus will not affect you at all. All necessary precautions must be followed regardless of the blood type.

This study portrays that overall type A blood has a high rate of infection and more development of symptoms for the virus as compared to other blood types. Blood group O has more immunity and less severity of symptoms as compared with the rest. The same pattern was also observed in gender and age groups.

Is the study proven yet?

The article has yet to be published about blood group A is more vulnerable to coronavirus and is undergoing assessment by a group of scientists. Although the study is yet to be completely proven, researchers still urge the paramedic staff and first responders to ask either ask the patients about their blood group or test them when treating that would provide help in preventing further spread of COVID 19.

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