Blacklisting of Five Amazon Foreign Websites by US

This Could Possibly a Political Act against Jeff Bezos

Increasing Complaints against Amazon Lead to the Blacklisting of Five Websites

Amazon has become one of the top online retail companies in multiple regions across the world, providing authentic products to its customers. The trump’s administration has done blacklisting of five Amazon foreign websites across the world as the site was caught with the facilitation of pirated and counterfeit products.

Amazon sites blacklisting

This giant e-commerce platform has been registered as notorious markets in the regions of the United Kingdom, France, Canada, India, and Germany. As Trump was behind the blacklisting of five Amazon foreign websites used frequently across the world, according to the Amazon Officials, this move was potentially motivated by the politicians as the site has previously heavily invested in preventing any dangerous and illegal activities on their platform.

The list, which contains the blacklisting of five Amazon foreign websites is called a notorious market register, which contains the names of all physical including malls and stalls as well as online platforms dealing with pirated and fake products to their costumers along with engaging in copyright piracy.

The reason behind trump administration did blacklisting of five Amazon foreign websites was the ultimate consequence of multiple complaints from the United States businesses’ website over trading fake and forged products.

The reason why Amazon was blacklisted could also because of President Trump’s dislike for Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos and could be classified as a political act or vengeance. The company has said to have invested quite a handsome amount in technology that would prevent selling any and all counterfeit and pirated goods on their websites.

Even though there has been blacklisting of five Amazon foreign websites in multiple regions across the globe, Amazon’s United States platform was excluded from the list.

Blocking of counterfeit sellers on Amazon

The complaints surround Amazon, which leads to the blacklisting of five Amazon foreign websites across the world, include that the company was unable to supply authentic products to its customers and has been impotent in solving the issue for the last few years. The company was also unable to provide removal of all retailers selling pirated products.

Amazon has said to have invested a hefty amount in tackling the issue and was able to completely block 6 billion sellers with bad ratings on their websites even though they have been previously blamed as the site unable to remove fake products retailers due to the burdensome and lengthy procedure of removal. In 2019, the country said to have invested more than $500 million along with 8,000 employees working to protect its customers from online fraud.

Blacklisting of other companies

Multiple other companies have also been reported for selling pirated goods across the United States, including a well known renowned brand like Amazon, putting bad influence on the website despite any legal charges applied to the company as Trump did blacklisting of five Amazon foreign websites across multiple regions in the world.

Trumps’ clashes with Jeff Bezos

United States President has been seen with multiple clashes caused between him and Jeff Bezos, the founder, and CEO of Amazon. In recent past times, Trump said that the Amazon platform does not pay enough taxes to the government.

Jeff Bezos is also the owner of the Washington Post, a newspaper agency that often has been baselessly claimed to be used as a lobbying tool for the Amazon platform by President Donald Trump.

During the previous year, Amazon has challenged the Department of Defense in the United States in court after they were passed over to Microsoft for a $10 billion project to be made exclusively for the Pentagon cloud computing. This deal is currently undergoing investigation due to which it has been blocked by the judges until the issue is completely resolved.

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