Bill Gates Left Microsoft During 20-Year-Old Affair Investigation

Gates, aged 65 And Worth $124 Billion, Has Stepped Down from Microsoft to Focus on His Charity Foundation

The tech firm Microsoft is currently conducting a thorough investigation of one of its co-founder Bill Gates regarding a 20-years-old affair sometime before he stepped down from the board of directors of the company in the previous year. It has been confirmed by Microsoft that an affair investigation is being done after multiple concerns have been reported regarding Bill Gates’s behavior.

Affair with a female employee

The tech firm stated that they held a complete inquiry and cooperated with the law firm on the case while providing full support to the involved employee who initially made the complaint that led to the affair investigation, which ended in Bill Gates leaving his founded tech company Microsoft.

The spokesperson for Bill Gates has denied any rumors, which state that his decision to step back from his company had any link to the affair investigation which occurred in the past year. The news regarding the affair investigation resurfaced after the divorce announcement of Melinda and Bill Gates after 27 years of being married.

A Microsoft spokesperson on Monday said that the tech software firm had been able to receive a complaint in the second half of the year 2019 that Bill Gates sought to start an intimate relationship with one of its female employees in the year 2000.

A committee comprising of board members has reviewed this concern while being provided with aid by an outside, unbiased law firm for the conduction of a proper affair investigation.

Throughout the time period when the affair investigation was ongoing, Microsoft had provided the concerned employee who had raised the concern regarding Bill Gates with extensive support, after which Bill Gates left Microsoft, a statement which is denied by Mr. Gates.

The affair investigation had not been able to reach a decisive conclusion, as Bill Gates stepped down from his position from the board before the inquiry reached an end.

Bill Gates statement

Later in a post by Bill Gates posted on his LinkedIn account in the month of March in the previous year, he said that the reason behind stepping down from his position at the tech firm was to spend more of his time on his extensive ongoing charity working with his Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation. It was posted three months after he was re-elected at Microsoft.

He also wrote that with respect to his company Microsoft, stepping down from the board does not necessarily mean that he would cut all ties with the tech firm, as Microsoft would always remain an important part of his work done throughout this life. He was feeling optimistic regarding the progression of his firm as it continues to be beneficial to the entire world.

The Wall Street Journal on Sunday has reported that the board of Microsoft had already decided that the involvement of Bill Gates with a female employee working for the company is completely inappropriate and requires him to step down from his position.

The spokesperson for Bill Gates had acknowledged the occurring of the affair when asked about it but has said that it didn’t affect his decision to step down from the firm as the affair occurred almost 20 years ago, which was ended cordially by both individuals.

The decision taken by Bill Gates regarding his transition from the board was in no way in relation to this affair investigation. And he had already expressed his interest in spending more of his time in philanthropy for the past several years. The Bill & Gates Foundation has also stood by this statement to offer validity of what had been said by Bill Gates.

Divorce of Bill and Malinda Gates

Malinda and Bill Gates have recently announced their divorce decision in the first week of this month. The couple had spent billions of dollars on various charitable causes throughout the globe and have also pledged to keep continuing their work together at their foundation, even after their divorce is to be finalized by the court.

It has also been reported that they both have agreed to divide their shared real estate property and other various assets before the news of their separation were made public.

Bill Gates, aged 65, is the fourth wealthiest individual in the world and has a net worth of $124 billion.

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