Big Crowds Around The Globe In Solidarity Against Police Brutality

Tens of Thousands of People Have Gathered To Show Their Support against Racial Discrimination

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Hundreds of thousands of people are showing their support for the United States protests, which have begun after the death of George Floyd. Multiple large gatherings and big crowds around the globe have gathered to show their solidarity against racial discrimination and abuse of power. Across the world, numerous minority races are facing racial discrimination in multiple countries.

Protests across the world amid coronavirus pandemic

Big crowds around the globe are coming together across the world to show their support against racial discrimination against minorities. The authorities have warned the large gatherings across the world to not gather due to the continuous threat of coronavirus pandemic. Due to the coronavirus outbreak across the world, more than 6,913, 385 individuals have been affected, out of which 399,897 have died after suffering from critical conditions associated with the pathological infection.

Health ministers of several countries have warned the big crowds around the globe as that might rapidly escalate the new confirmed coronavirus cases. To show their support for the unjustifiable death of George Floyd in the United States by the hands of a white law enforcement officer, a large number of people are gathering despite the extreme weather conditions in their region.

To disperse these big crowds around the globe, the government has appointed large police, armies to dissipate these crowds along with the implementation of curfews to reduce the transmission of coronavirus in their area.

The large gatherings have begun from last week, since the death of George Floyd. These protests were initially peaceful, but have turned extremely violent since the beginning of this week. Multiple video footage has surfaced, showing the brutality of the law enforcement officers forcibly dispersing big crowds around the globe, especially in the United States. Numerous protestors have also been arrested after they failed to obey and comply with the law enforcement officer’s instructions.

A large number of celebrities, musicians, and influencers who were unable to leave their residence premises amid the coronavirus pandemic showed their solidarity for the killing of an unarmed black male on their social media platforms.

As the wave of solidarity with George Floyd and African American people is increasing, big crowds around the globe are carrying signs with them during these public demonstrations. The sign which was most commonly seen declared that ‘Black lives matter’.

Public demonstrations in the United States

Out of all the big crowds around the globe, gathering to show their support for the death of George Floyd, United States is the most affected. The protests are being observed in more than 50 states across the country as the death has sparked a wave of anger in the general population of the country. Several videos of police brutality have emerged in which several white police officers are seen to be abusing their power against the public, especially weak and elderly.

The police force is seen to be using blunt force using batons along with tear gas and pepper bombs to disperse large gatherings across the United States. An elderly man died from brain trauma after two white police officers shoved a man into the ground. Numerous people have died during the chaos and havoc created while dissipating big crowds in the country. A large number of individuals have also been arrested after they failed to comply with the instructions by the armed officers.

People are seen to be chanting slogans, which are associated with the movement of black lives matter, showcasing those black people, like all others, should be treated the same. Huge crowds containing hundreds of people have gathered amid the growing threat of coronavirus to show their support against police brutality. Multiple celebrities have also been seen taking part in the public demonstrations as big crowds around the globe are gathering to show solidarity.

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