Biden Asks Americans to Wear Mask for Consecutive 100 Days

Wearing Face Masks in Public Could Significantly Reduce the Spread of Infection

Wearing Face Masks in Public Could Significantly Reduce the Spread of Infection

The newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, stated that he would ask his fellow Americans to wear mask for the first 100 days when he starts his term in office to limit further transmission of the coronavirus infection, which has rapidly spread across the country and affected almost every household.

Coronavirus spread across the United States

President Biden believes that the coronavirus infection surge in the United States could be curbed by regulation usage of a face mask while being out in public. He would also order working Americans to wear mask at all government buildings during human interaction as a compulsory measure, as it could somehow reduce the ability of the viral pathogen to enter the human host body and cause a deadly infection.

Up to date, the United States has recorded more than 14.1 million confirmed coronavirus cases, out of which 276,000 has died after being diagnosed with the disease. This record is the highest number of cases in any nation around the globe. This rapid surge in infectious people could be limited due to which it has been advised to Americans to wear mask while being in a public place.

Joe Biden is currently preparing to start his term at the office as the giant pharmaceutical firms are diligently working on shipping tens of millions of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to the general public of the United States. The United Kingdom has become the first country worldwide to be able to approve the viable vaccine made by American pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

Biden’s response about face masks

During the first interview of Joe Biden after he won the Presidential election with Kamala Harris as Vice President, Biden said that the first when he will be inaugurated as the President of the United States, he is going to ask the Americans to wear mask for just the first consecutive 100 days of his office term, not forever.

He believes that the coronavirus outbreak in the country would drastically reduce if people cover their mouth and nose with a face mask while being out of their homes. By having a viable working vaccine and asking Americans to wear mask, the escalating number of daily infectious patients being recorded would significantly reduce in just a few weeks.

The initial 100 days of the term of a new President hold symbolic importance in the United States and is used to judge how the rest of the office term would occur. According to constitutional experts, a President of the United States holds no power to legally authorize Americans to wear mask forcefully while being in public. Joe Biden said that he, along with Kamala Harris as his Vice President, would set an example to the general population of the country by using face masks.

The exclusive authority that President Biden has included the government property owned by the US, and he intends to exercise such power to make Americans wear masks. A standing order would be issued by Biden for all federal buildings to only allow individuals that are wearing face masks in a proper way. While being inside an aircraft, bus, or an interstate transportation facility, all individuals should be wearing face masks.

Although before the implementation of strict orders, all United States public transport, airports, and airlines require their passengers to done face masks while working staff also have to wear face masks and protective equipment during working hours. The Trump White House has declined all messages and calls from the health experts in the United States regarding mandatory implementation for Americans to wear masks as an overly restrictive measure.

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