Benjamin Netanyahu Called on Right-Wing Members of Parliament to Block the Newly Formed Coalition

Netanyahu States That the Newly Formed Association in Israel Poses Danger to The Country

The current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has recently lashed out at the agreement of a new coalition, which is expected to remove him from the seat of power after being the prime minister of the country for the past 12 consecutive years. In an attempt to block the alliance from taking control of the office, Prime Minister Netanyahu called upon his right-wing supporters of the Israeli parliament.

Unseating Prime Minister Netanyahu

Eight of the opposition parties to Mr. Netanyahu have recently reached a joint agreement to work alongside for the formation of a new government of the country of Israel on Wednesday evening. But the union, from across the political spectrum of Israel, still requires the parliament to back them up to be able to take charge of the office.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s first comments after the new coalition were publicly announced across the country, and he urged the members of the Israeli Parliament Knesset, who have been elected by the votes from the right, to be in opposition of the association made to remove him from power.

In a tweet posted on the social media platform Twitter, Netanyahu has criticized the members of the coalition, calling them dangerous and left-wing. Previously, he has called the proposal for a new government for Israel the fraud of the century, stating that the proposed deal would endanger the entire state and the citizens of the country.

It has been noticed by observes that Prime Minister Netanyahu, who had failed to form his own coalition despite being able to win most of the seats by his political party Likud during the voting held in the month of March, would likely try to prevent the opposition party members the support they require to make it into effect.

Eight parties involved in the coalition

The association, formed by the leader of the centrist party Yesh Atid, Yair Lapid, needs the vote of the parliament before being sworn in. It is yet to be cleared the time that would require, and there is a major possibility that this newly formed coalition would possibly be toppled by defections.

Yair Lapid, whose political party came in second place in the results of the recently held elections, has called President Reuven Rivlin and had let him know regarding the agreement, which had reached a finalized verdict at night time on Wednesday.

He has publicly taken a pledge to form a new government that would be able to world in service to all the citizens of Israel while respecting their opponents and to do everything which is in his power to connect and unite all parts of the society of Israel.

However, it is not possible for Yair Lapid to immediately be able to become the prime minister of Israel soon after the removal of the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It has been stated under the rotation arrangement, Naftali Bennet, who is the leader of the Yamina party of a right-wing parliament, would initially serve as the Israeli prime minister before handling the power to Yair Lapid in the month of August in the year 2023.

The members of the recently developed coalition to eradicate Mr. Netanyahu from power spans the full spectrum of the politics of Israel with very limited things in common except their planning for the replacement of Benjamin Netanyahu. For the very first time in the past several decades, the government of Israel would be including an Israeli Arab political party.

A picture is being displayed on the national media of Israel, which shows that Mr. Bennet, Mr. Lapid, along with the leader of the Arab Islamist Raam political party Mansour Abbas, while signing the coalition agreement, which was thought to be an impossible task by the masses.

The rest of the five political parties, which are also included in the coalition agreement, includes the centrist Kahol Lavan, which is led forward by Benny Gantz. Israel Beiteinu is managed by Avigdor Lieberman. Labor is headed by Merav Michaeli. New Hope is controlled by Gideon Sa’ar, and Meretz is being directed by Nitzan Horowitz.

If this newly established coalition to remove Netanyahu failed to secure a majority number of votes in the 120 seats of Israeli parliament Knesset, it would increase the risk of having a fifth election within the time period of two years.

All of the eight political parties are required to secure a majority number of 61 seats in the parliament.

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