Belgium Is a Hotspot for COVID-19 Deaths in Europe

General Population Is Required To Be Tested, With or Without Symptoms

Belgium Is a Hotspot for COVID-19 Deaths in Europe

There has been a massive spike in COVID-19 infectious patients across multiple European countries, out of which Italy and Spain were most affected due to this outbreak as more than 20, 000 individuals have died in each country, after being contaminated by COVID-19 virus. Nowadays, Belgium is a hotspot for COVID-19 deaths across Europe as the death toll has surpassed the amount of 5,453 people, with an average number of 300 deaths each day.

State of Belgium under COVID-19 crisis

Among several European countries, Belgium is a hotspot for COVID-19 deaths, as the highest death rate has been recorded in the country this week. It is being believed that as Belgium is a hotspot for COVID-19 deaths, the reason might be the largest carnival which was conducted at the end of February and attended by thousands of the general public, including doctors might be the cause of this sudden increase in the spread of infection.

The first case of COVID-19 is Belgium was recorded on March 3, and preventive measures across the country were initiated on March 13. The 10 day period might be the reason for further infection spread as Belgium is a hotspot for COVID-19 deaths all across Europe. The Mayor, who has previously well managed the crisis, is under major duress due to sudden major spike in the death toll of coronavirus patients.

The Mayor of Sint-Truiden, Veerle Heeren, is trying to control this situation, while her husband is under is suffering through the coma along with being infected by COVID-19 virus and is under strict hospital observation. She is working round the clock to help the country as Belgium is a hotspot for COVID-19 deaths while being under personal mental stress for the safety of her family.

Hospitals, health care facilities, care homes, along with general families are feeling under immense pressure for tracking the virus and keeping themselves safe as Sint-Truiden is one of the worst affected areas of the country as Belgium is a hotspot for COVID-19 deaths.

Most of the deaths are being seen in care homes, as people are only being suspected of having the virus in their bloodstreams, but no proper testing is being done to ensure the safety of the suspected patient along with others in his near proximity. People are also dying while living isolated in their homes due to self-medicating themselves and not getting proper required treatment, which is helpful in the treatment of the diseases. Doctors in full protective personal gear are treating the patients in hospitals.

After it has been recorded that Belgium is a hotspot for COVID-19 deaths, all people living in the country including hospitals, care homes, and the general population is required to be tested for the infection weather they are showing symptoms or not, which would help ensure the safety and containment of contaminated people.

World amid COVID-19 pandemic

The world is under massive disruption, and people are suffering financially and mentally due to the lockdown situation happening in multiple countries across the world, which is an essential measure against containing the infectious patients in the area, as they pose a massive threat of contaminating the entire population on earth.

Since the first case reported in Mainland China on November 17, 2019, more than 2, 287,323 individuals of all age groups have been confirmed in 210 countries and territories across the world along. 2 international conveyances also contain hundreds of isolated people in the last two months with limited food rations and other necessary requirements.

Up till now, 157,468 people have died after acquiring the virus and suffering through severe and critical conditions, which is around 3% out of the total confirmed COVID-19 patients. Currently, Belgium is a hotspot for COVID-19 deaths in Europe. This airborne contagious virus is easily transmittable and is fatal for old age people and those with decreased immune system capacity.

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