Beijing Shuts Food Markets As New Coronavirus Cases Found

More Than 40 People Were Tested Positive Inside the Market

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As there is a slight chance regarding the second wave of COVID-10 in China after Beijing shuts food markets as new coronavirus cases found in the region. The general population of the area is under the potential threat of reoccurrence of coronavirus, as multiple cases have been recently reported after the infectious pathogen was completely eradicated from the region.

Tracking coronavirus in China

To combat the escalating threat of the reoccurrence of coronavirus, the seafood and vegetable market of the area has been shut down to limit and prevent further transmission of coronavirus in the vicinity. Multiple business owners and their working equipment were found to be the source of the spread of COVID-19, after which Beijing shuts food markets as new coronavirus cases found in the area’s largest vegetable market Xinfadi.

Around 45 people who were in the market at 3 am when the marketplace was shut down were tested positive for COVID-19 infection. As Beijing shuts food markets as new coronavirus cases found do not show any clinical symptoms associated with the infection.

The seafood market has also been shut down in Jinshen after an imported salmon seller was tested positive for the novel coronavirus pathogen. As soon as Beijing shuts food markets as new coronavirus cases found, the local government sealed 11 residential sub-districts surround the market into complete lockdown. 139 people who have been traced back to these newly confirmed coronavirus cases have also been put under strict quarantine. 9 schools that are also found near the site of mass infection have also been shut down temporarily.

To prevent a nationwide spread of coronavirus in China, the local traffic regulation has also been tightened, limiting the intercity tourism and postponing multiple sporting events in the city. This renewed coronavirus outbreak in the region could damage the critical situation of the health care system of China.

The government of China has taken major extreme steps to limit and prevent further increase in the coronavirus cases of the country. More than 11 million individuals that were residing in Wuhan have been tested, as the region was declared ground zero for the novel coronavirus.

As the outbreak in Xinfadi market might become the cause of the second wave of coronavirus in China, more than 10,000 people will be tested for COVID-19 infection via a nucleic acid test. This was announced after Beijing shuts food markets as new coronavirus cases found in sellers along with their equipment.

Testing and quarantine for coronavirus infection

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has an incubation time period of 14 days, during which the infectious pathogen is found in the respiratory tract on the patient, directly reducing 30% to 40% of the total immunity of the person. During the incubation period, the patient suffers from several of the symptoms, which are also associated with the common cold.

Even though most of the coronavirus positive patients show multiple symptoms of the infection, numerous COVID-19 cases have been reported by individuals who did not show any of the listed symptoms of the viral infection. Those individuals who are suffering from coronavirus, but their body is not showing any signs or symptoms are classified as asymptomatic patients and are put under quarantine to prevent further transmission of the infection.

As new cases have been reported in a northern Chinese province, both of them are asymptomatic patients. These new cases have been reported after Beijing shuts food markets as new coronavirus cases found found in the region. These recent cases are said to be in close contact with the numerous new COVID-19 cases reported in the vegetable and seafood markets.

After Beijing shuts food markets as new coronavirus cases found, six more cases have been reported and are allegedly connected with the recent multiple marketplace cases. Another five new cases have been diagnosed in the region, which has come from outside China.

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