Australian PM Lied Over Scrapped Submarine Deal: French President Emmanuel Macron

Multibillion-dollar deal for the construction of 12 conventional submarines by France has been scrapped by Australia

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The President of France Emmanuel Macron has said that the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison has lied to him regarding the submarine deal that has been scrapped. When asked about his opinion if Scott Morrison gave an untruthful statement, he replied that he doesn’t think that he knew.

French President Macron had become furious after he was reported that Australia had canceled the submarine deal worth $37 billion, comprising of the building of 12 submarines, and had instead been able to negotiate a newly constructed defense agreement with the United States and the United Kingdom, which is called the Aukus agreement.

Although Australian Prime Minister Morrison had denied all allegations that he had been dishonest.

Distrust between Australia and France

Both leaders have conducted a meeting during the G20 summit conducted in Rome for the first time since the disagreement between them had erupted over the submarine deal in September. On the sidelines of the meeting, President Emmanuel Macron had been asked by a journalist for an Australian news outlet whether he would be able to put his trust in Scott Morrison again. Mr. Macron replied that they would observe the things he would be able to deliver back at them.

He further added that he has a lot of respect for the country of Australia along with the friendship of the general population of the nation. He said that when they have respectful behavior towards Australia, they also have to be true to their words in return and behave in line and be consistent with these values.

The cancellation of the submarine deal had caused a bitter rift to come between the United States, Australia, and France.

The Foreign Minister of France Jean-Yves Le Drian has denounced the submarine deal cancellation decision to be similar to that of a stab in the back, and Paris has recalled the ambassadors sent to the United States and Australia for a temporary time duration when things settle down.

After listening to the comments of President Emmanuel Macron, Scott Morrison stated that he had not given any false statement to the French President and that he had already explained to him regarding the matter that conventional submarines would be unable to fulfill the requirements for the defence of Australia, due to which the initial submarine deal was canceled, and Aukus pact was signed.

He further added that the relationship and trust rebuilding between the two countries had begun already.

US and France relations

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, held a face-to-face meeting on Friday with French President Macron since the agreement of the Aukus pact and termination of the submarine deal. During a somewhat awkward exchange of words between both leaders, President Biden admitted that the United States had been slightly clumpy over the Aukus deal negotiations. At the same time, President Macron told him that it is very important for a leader to look forward to the future.

Both the leaders would have more time to mend the relationship between them, as all three of them are headed towards the city of Glasgow located in Scotland to attend the COP26 climate change summit.

The Aukus agreement, which involved Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom for the building of nuclear-powered submarines, through which Australia would be able to come among a handful of countries across the world that have the facility of having armed nuclear-powered submarines, for which the technology would be provided by the United States.

The Aukus pact, in place of the submarine deal comprising of conventional submarines, would be the biggest defense partnership by Australia with any country in several decades. The previous agreement of the submarine deal, which was worth billions of dollars, was signed by Australia for France to build 12 submarines of conventional technology in the year 2016, which have recently been scrapped, causing turbulence in the relations of both nations with each other. France is also demanding to be reimbursed financially as billions of dollars have already been spent by them over the submarine construction.

The Aukus agreement is being seen as a major effort that would be able to counter the growing military of China. In a statement, China said that they condemn the Aukus agreement as it has been an extremely irresponsible show of actions.

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