Australian climate crisis gets severer

Measures on How to Counter the Increasing Effect

Australian bushfire will become a cause of increasing global warming

Global warming has been a major issue that has provided many issues on our health and environment and has put the future of this earth in jeopardy. The main reason for this sudden change is the increasing number of population and the rise of the core temperature of the planet caused by the increasing accumulation of greenhouse gasses mainly by the utilization of fossil fuel that has led to other secondary complications in the atmosphere. The extent of global warming is increasing day by day with respect to the expansion of industrial and commercial use by the masses.

Why Australian climate crisis gets severer?

Consequently, the major fire that happened in Australia in the last couple of weeks was spread further and has caused major consequences in the area largely due to the effect of massive global warming. This depletion of the ozone layer in the region has been because of the large quantity of emission of greenhouse gasses as about 70% of electricity that is produced by coal, and the remaining energy requirement is completed by gas, as there is no main hydro or nuclear power production but are working towards the increased usage of solar energy and windmills to cut back the fossil fuel consumption.

But still, Australian climate crisis gets severer and hotter from the last 10 years. Due to these changes, there has been a major increase in bush fires, floods and droughts in the lower eastern area and has caused major problems for the people living there.

Henceforth the extreme climate change and high temperature and very less amount of rainfall in the region, the government and the public have put major attention to this cause and have started focusing on the climatic changes and providing necessary measures to counter it.

The recent wild bushfire incident that occurred in Australia earlier this year, the global warming of the area has also increased and bushfire became the major cause of Australian climate crisis gets severer.

The effects to the surroundings

Australian climate crisis gets severer along with the reduced amount of water available to use by the masses, and the water resources are getting reduced as there have been infrequent rainfall mostly in summer and very less in the winter season.

It has been predicted that due to Australian climate crisis gets severer, and there would be major adverse effects on the economy, environment and the set of people living in the region. It is expected that there would be a much bigger change in the coastal areas as compared to the main land’s due to a large number of population, commerce and the industrial workload.

Major problems that are the secondary causes of Australian climate crisis gets severer include fishery, health care, forestry, real estate, and tourism, which will directly impact and unstable the economy of the country, i.e. droughts causing no proper crop production and flooding causing physical damage and weak infrastructure of the buildings being made.

The agriculture problem with a direct link with the food consumption of the people, the increased amount of carbon dioxide not released into the air and not being recycled into oxygen, higher temperature, reduced rainfall, resulting in extreme weather conditions along with the increased amount of weed and pathogen pressure.

The black Saturday bushfire that occurred on 7th February 2020 has been the recent bushfire across the Australian’s state of Victoria and has caused major adverse effects, including increased smoke, a large amount of trees burned into ashes and a large quantity of dead animals that has also resulted in a few species of animal’s going extinct.

The lack of rainfall over a large period of time has become one of the leading causes of Australian climate crisis gets severer as around 30% of the mainland is turning into desert.

There are a few measures that could ensure a slow progression of the crisis, which includes less fossil fuel consumption, more amount of forestry in mainland and coastal areas, and less wastage of the natural resources to ensure a better future of the upcoming generations.

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