Australia Sent Army To Victoria To Fight Coronavirus Pandemic

The Main Cause Of Recent Spread Is Family Gatherings

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The Australian army has sent 1000 armed personnel to Victoria amid the coronavirus pandemic surge in the south-eastern region of the country. In the last recent few days, Victoria has seen a major spike in the new confirmed coronavirus cases, 33 of which were reported overnight. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, the state capital, Melbourne, has been the only root for community transmissions of coronavirus for the last several weeks. To counter the growing issue, Australia sent army to Victoria to fight coronavirus pandemic.

Australia’s fight against COVID-19 pandemic

Across the world, Australia has been praised as one of the countries that was successfully able to eradicate the growing problem of coronavirus outbreak inside their country. The government of Australia was able to suppress the rapidly escalating issue of transmission of COVID-19 by the early implementation of safe operating measures and protocols. But due to a recent outbreak, Australia sent army to Victoria to fight coronavirus pandemic.

Due to fast and timely action against the coronavirus outbreak in the region, Australia has only reported the total number of 7,558 cases in the country, out of which only 104 has died. Across the country, 6,931 were able to successfully recover back to their optimum health taking over the counter medications and quarantine from friends and family. Four hundred fifty-nine coronavirus patients are still under observation and treatment due to their critical condition. Due to these recent 37 cases reported, Australia sent army to Victoria to fight coronavirus pandemic.

 The current state of Victoria

To control the issue before it gets worse, Australia sent army to Victoria to fight coronavirus pandemic. The deployment of army in the region has been done to help alongside the local authorities to contain the outbreak in the second most populated area of the country. There is around 1,300 armed personnel under the active duty to help numerous hotspots across Melbourne. Thousands of coronavirus tests are being done to combat the issue and stop it before it is able to transmit more.

Before the country suffers from another massive outbreak during which thousands of people’s lives would be at stake, the army is helping the local authorities’ in the area by going door to door to test every individual. This will ensure that the country would not suffer from a large unsustainable number of coronavirus transmissions in the community. To make the process easier and quicker, Australia sent army to Victoria to fight coronavirus pandemic.

The public health response teams are working diligently as they would be testing 10,000 individuals in the area in the time duration of ten days. Tougher restrictions have been implemented in the region along with the extension in the state of emergency protocol, which will be in order until July 12. To combat the problem as soon as possible, Australia sent army to Victoria to fight coronavirus pandemic alongside the local healthcare workers.

According to the Healthcare officials working in the country, the main cause by which the problem has come back in the country is family gatherings. The government of Australia has allowed family gathering inside houses from April, during which hugging and kissing have frequently occurred, against multiple advice from the health care system and the authorities.

Due to strict measures implemented in the country, in the last several weeks, no new case has been reported in the most populated areas of the country New South Wales that also includes Sydney. The reemergence of coronavirus in Victoria is due to not following the safety protocols that were implemented by the government, after which Australia sent army to Victoria to fight coronavirus pandemic. There are now more than 100 active cases reported in the area, mainly contacted during family gatherings.

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