Australia Makes A Deal For Potential Coronavirus Vaccine

Vaccination Shot Will Be Mandatory, And The Exception Would Be On Medical Grounds

Vaccination Shot Will Be Mandatory, And The Exception Would Be On Medical Grounds

The government of Australia has struck a deal with the pharmaceutical form AstraZeneca for supplying the potential coronavirus vaccine to the entire general population of the country and free of cost. This has been announced on Tuesday by the government of Australia, as they have become successful in securing the potential coronavirus vaccine supply, should the trails for the drugs succeed.

The drug-making firm AstraZeneca is a British based company which is now developing a potential coronavirus antidote after they have partnered up with the Oxford University. The advanced trials of the potential revolutionizing drug are underway, for which thousands of individuals have volunteered from multiple countries across the world to take part in this trial.

Manufacturing of coronavirus-resistant drug in Australia

Under this deal with AstraZeneca, the Australian government will be manufacturing the drug in the country and offer free mandatory vaccination to all citizens. According to the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, this potential coronavirus vaccine made in collaboration with Oxford University is one of the most promising and advanced coronavirus-resistant drugs available, for which Australia has become one of the first few countries to have secured a deal with the pharmaceutical company.

During the statement given by the PM on Tuesday, if the clinical trials for this potential coronavirus vaccine become successful, the Australian government will then start manufacturing and supplying of the drug straight away, by making it free and eligible for the general population of 25 million Australian citizens.

Across the country, more than 450 deaths have been recorded since the outbreak was first diagnosed in the country, most of which occurred in the state of Victoria. Earlier in the month of August, Victoria has declared a state of emergency along with the implementation of strict lockdown measures after a rapid surge of infection in the region. The area still has around 7,000 active coronavirus cases, but the spread of infection has declined in the last week.

The potential coronavirus vaccine is one of the five most promising contestants across the world to be able to reach an advanced level of human clinical trials, as numerous countries across the world are seeking to secure their own vaccine to combat against the coronavirus infection.

No cost has been determined yet regarding the supplying of potential coronavirus vaccine to the 25 million Australian citizens. In a separate area, the Australian government has signed a deal of A$25 million with Becton Dickinson, an America-based pharmaceutical firm, for supplying 100 million syringes and needles.

The deal of AstraZeneca with the Australian government is the first-ever vaccine agreement. If the trails for the drug are deemed successful, then this potential coronavirus vaccine will be available for mass consumption in the upcoming year. For the manufacturing of such a large amount of the COVID-19 resistant drug, further additional months will be required.

Mandatory vaccination requirement

The Australian Prime Minister has stated that he expects this potential coronavirus vaccine to be successful, due to which it would be a mandatory requirement for all citizens of the country, but the government is still in the process of forming policy. There would be an exemption for the vaccination shot in individuals who would be over medical grounds.

The coronavirus-resistant drug shot will be compulsory for all individuals to prevent further complications by the deadly infection, as in the past recent few months, the coronavirus pandemic has completely destroyed the global economy along with the taking of numerous innocent lives from around the world which also includes 430 Australian citizens. The current aim of the government of the country is to vaccinate around 95% of the general population residing in the country.

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