Australia Drags Facebook To Court Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

AIC has sued Facebook for accessing 87 million users' data over political purposes.

Face book must not use personal information for its own benefits

The Australian Information Commissioner said that Facebook has invaded the privacy of more than 300,000 people in Australia and used data for some political purposes. In this scandal, Facebook collected around 87 million peoples’ data that was being used for election advertising. This data included names, date of birth, email address, location, friends list, likes, and Facebook inbox messages for those who have been given an app access to the messages.

The Information Commissioner also said, “Facebook failed to protect people’s data from illegal disclosure.”In response to this action, Australia drags Facebook to court over Cambridge Analytica scandal. The federal court can impose a heavy fine of 1.7 million Australian dollars for every repeated or serious interference with an individual’s privacy.

Some resources added that Facebook was actively involved with the Australian commissioner since they started investigation earlier in 2018. They also declared that Facebook has added some privacy changes to manage and protect data. The spokesman said that we’re unable to further comment before any notice from Federal Court.

Australia Drags Facebook to Court over Cambridge Analytica Scandal – How did it happen?

A researcher, Dr. Aleksandr Kogan, along with his company GSR conducted a personality quiz named “This Is Your Digital Life” to obtain the personal data from different people who use it. However, due to Facebook rules and regulations at that time, it could also get user’s friend information, even they have never authorized the application.

Some information was provided to Cambridge Analytica, which, later on, used in US political advertising. That’s the reason behind Australia drags Facebook to court over Cambridge Analytica scandal.

More About Australia Drags Facebook to Court over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Falk added, “We consider the Facebook layout where users were failed to control the personal information earlier.” Later on, the Facebook default setting helped to protect user’s personal information.

As per Facebook, at that time, around 311,127 Australians have shared their data with an app from March 2014 to May 2015. However, a total of 0.4% of people are affected by this action. Moreover, the Federal court revealed that only 53 people installed it.

Australia Drags Facebook to Court over Cambridge Analytica Scandal as it has 87million worldwide users, and all of them got affected due to this scandal. As per the news, the data were utilized to design a software program just to influence the voters in elections.

In late 2015, Facebook exposed the data that was obtained by a third party. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg also confessed that he knew about the data loss but failed to warn the worldwide users or conduct an audit. Later on, Facebook requested Cambridge Analytica to delete all the data and close the matter as soon as possible. Facebook also has given some important documents in response to previous legal action.

The judge criticized the shareholders based on data saying, “many petitioners documents landed along with buckshot.” Moreover, all shareholders were informed that their investment in Facebook would take a flip when data loss was made public. Facebook noticed a downfall of 19percent that is equal to a $120bn drop in its market.

All Facebook shares are not equal; Zuckerberg handles the majority of shares that get real votes. Moreover, the company also precluded plans from the National Center for Public Policy Research.

Beccara suggested people call the helpline if they see any kind of Facebook rules and regulations violence. He added that as per the California Consumer Privacy Act, there would be more implementation of these kinds of rules.

It is the ethical obligation of every organization must abide by the rules of privacy and laws of a country as no one can compromise over use of personal information without prior permission of a user.

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