AUKUS Pact Is “Extremely Irresponsible”: China Says

The Recent Partnership in The Asia Pacific Will Allow the US and UK To Provide Australia With Capable Technology to Help Deploy Nuclear Submarines

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A recently developed security relationship has been made in the Asia Pacific that will allow both the United Kingdom and the United States to provide the nation of Australia with the capability and technological advancements to be able to deploy submarines that would be powered by nuclear material. According to the American officials, this move by Aukus is not directly aimed to counteract China.

However, it has been stated by experts that the agreement of Ankus signals a shift in paradigm regarding the policies and strategy across the region. The timing of the formation of this recent Ankus partnership seems to play a significant part. It has come just about a month after the military forces of the United States have made their exit from the Middle Eastern country of Afghanistan after conducting military operations for the past 20 years.

The United Kingdom has also become very eager to be involved in the Asia Pacific, especially after they have removed themselves from the European Union, and the nation of Australia is having concerns regarding the influence of China.

It has been said by the Defense and National Security at Australia’s Northern Territory government’s senior director that the deal plays a major role, as it tells the rest of the world that these three countries are drawing a line to counter the aggressive moves by the Chinese Communist Party in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Aukus also provides a public demonstration regarding their combined stance on the topic and the commitment that has been made by them to secure and stabilize the region of Indo-Pacific, the one that for the previous 7 decades has led towards the prosperity of the entire region, including the economic growth of China.

Aukus agreement

The Aukus partnership, which includes countries of Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, involves sharing of sensitive information along with innovation in technology in various sectors, including intelligence along with quantum mechanics, as well as the procurement of cruise missiles.

But the key item in the agreement is the nuclear submarines. They are scheduled to be constructed in Adelaide located in South Australia and would be involved both the United Kingdom and the United States for providing required consultation on the technology used during their building.

The director of Defense, Strategy, and National Security working at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute stated that nuclear-powered submarines have enormous capabilities in defense and therefore provide ramifications for the entire region. Only six nations currently are equipped with submarines with nuclear power all across the world. These submarines provide a commanding preventive ability without providing them with proper nuclear weapons.

These nuclear submarines have the capability to be much stealthier than the conventionally designed ones currently being used by military forces throughout the world, as they are able to operate without making any noise, and are designed to be able to more easily through narrow areas and are much harder to be detected by radars and sonobuoy systems.

In the Aukus partnership, at least eight nuclear submarines are expected to be supported, although it is yet to become clear when they would be deployed in the sea. The process might require a longer time duration to be fully complete due to the lack of required an infrastructure of nuclear materials in Australia. The submarines would not be armed with military-grade nuclear weapons but only would be powered by using nuclear material due to their sustenance.

China’s reaction

China stated regarding the recently developed Aukus agreement as the narrow-minded approach by Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom, and the alliance is an extremely irresponsible approach taken by them.

The Aukus pact, which was made public on Wednesday, will be looking into both the UK and the US providing Australia with the required set of technologies for the construction of submarines that would be solely powered by nuclear radioactive material for the very first time.

The partnership is widely being viewed as an effort that is being made to counter the influence of China in the contested area of the South China Sea. This specific region has been a hotspot for the past multiple years, and the tension there has been very high among these countries.

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