Atletico Madrid Beats Liverpool 1-0 In Champions League

Will this be enough to become the best team this year?

Will this be enough to become the best team this year?

UEFA Champions League is currently happening in Europe which was heavily awaited by all of the football fans around the world. During the champions’ league, around 36 main teams (70 totals) take part from all around Europe in the form of clubs. The champions league has been won by 22 clubs, out of which 12 has won the title more than once. Most numbers of victories have been taken by Spanish clubs (18 wins), followed by England (13 wins) and Italy (12 wins) in all the tournaments conducted throughout the years from 1955.

The most successful clubs of all are Real Madrid having won 13 titles in the champions’ league and last year’s title was taken home by Liverpool, which was its 6th title altogether. This year’s champions league matches are being held at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium which is located in Madrid, Spain. This stadium has also been the home stadium for Atletico Madrid in the 2017-18 seasons and has also been a lucky charm for them this season too as even at the start of the tournament; Atletico Madrid has won several matches in this year’s UEFA champion’s league.

Atletico Madrid beats Liverpool by 1-0 in the most recent match that was held on February 19th, 2020, in the Metropolitan Stadium, Madrid.

Atletico Madrid scored on time and using their superb defense skills, didn’t let Liverpool get to the goal, tarnishing the reputation a few the last year’s champions in the first leg of the Champions’ League round of 16.

Spanish Midfielder Saul Niguez scored in the fourth minute and the rest of the team did not let Liverpool get past their defense for the rest of the match, allowing them time to run out even though Liverpool tried there level best to achieve target even though Egyptian player Muhammad Salah was able to strike in the 53rd minute, but the goal was ruled out for offside moments later. Liverpool lost the match in the same place where it had the honor of winning its sixth European Cup triumph in June in a match against Tottenham by 2-0.

Atletico Madrid Beats Liverpool: Saul strikes again

The last time Atletico Madrid beats Liverpool was in the knockout tie in 2009-110 Europa League semi-finals and is expected to do the same in the upcoming next month’s return leg. Saul Niguez was in the right place at the right time to fire the goal, which leads to the victory which otherwise would not have been possible. Sadio Mane from Liverpool, who was the main reason behind the victory against Norwich City played on the weekend, was not able to move past the defense of Atletico Madrid.

This is the second time in history when Liverpool was not able to shoot a single goal throughout 251 Champions League games played under the supervision of Jurgen Klopp with the match being played against Napoli in 2018.

Atletico Madrid beats Liverpool was a stroke of luck and hard-earned at the same time due to full team efforts and a strive towards a single goal in mind that is a step towards getting this year’s UEFA Champions League title and paving a straight path towards the FIFA Cup World Cup. Atletico Madrid beats Liverpool was one of the tough matches they had played this season, by far winning all the matched played in competitions in 2020 marking an excellent track record that is very hard to beat.

Fun fact about Atletico Madrid: the team is also known as Los Colchoneros (the mattress makers) as the design pattern on their shirts resemble that of traditional mattress design in Spain.

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