Apple Taken Down Popular Quran App in China

Application with More Than One Million Users in The Country Have Been Closed Down After A Request by Chinese Official

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Apple has officially taken down the Quran app in China, which is the most popular application in the world, after following through with the request made by an official in China. The app Quran Majeed is currently available throughout the globe on App Store and has about 150,000 reviews for the application. The Quran app is used by millions of Muslims present worldwide.

According to reports, the Quran app in China has been removed for containing religious text messages that are hostile and unlawful. When asked to comment about it, the government of China refused to provide any insight into the decision taken by them that seems to not be in favor of Muslims that are residing in China.

Muslim minorities targeted

The deletion of the Quran app in China was initially noticed by the Apple Censorship, which is a webpage that continuously monitors the applications that are on the App Store of Apple globally. In a public statement given by the makers of the app, PDMS, the firm stated that According to Apple, the Quran app in China App Store had been removed for the general population consumption due to the fact that it includes multiple contents that require an additional amount of documentation for the local authorities of China.

They further added that they are trying to be in touch with the Chinese Cyberspace Administration authority along with some relevant Chinese officials that would help the firm in resolving the issue. According to PDMS, the Quran app in China had about one million active users across the country before the app was shut down in the region.

The religion of Islam is now officially being recognized in the country of China by the Chinese Communist Party. However, multiple accusations have been made on China regarding the violation of human rights, and in some instances, genocide, against the ethnic group of Muslim Uyghur in the province of Xinjiang.

In the early time of this year, it was reported that imams within the Muslim Uyghur had been targeted in the crackdown in the Xinjiang province of China.

When asked regarding the shutdown of the Quran app in China, Apple has declined to provide any comment on the issue at hand but had redirected the reporters to the Human Rights Policy of the company, which states that the firm is required to be in compliance with the local regulations where the app is being provided, and in some cases when there is some kind of complex issues in which they would be in disagreement with the local governing authority.

Although it is yet to be confirmed the main cause which had been broken by the Quran app in China that led to such drastic measures, Quran Majeed app says that it is trusted by more than 35 million users that are Muslim across the world.

Apple’s compliance with China

In the previous month of September, a tactical voting app was removed by both Google and Apple from their app stores, which was devised by a Russian opposition leader currently jailed, Alexie Navalny. The authorities from Russia had given multiple threats to fine both of the tech companies in case they give their refusal to drop the app, which told the users that would be able to unseat the candidate of the ruling party of the country.

The biggest marketplace for Apple in China and the supply chain of the tech firm is mainly reliant on the manufacturing done in China. The chief executive of Apple, Tim Cook, has been accused of his Hippocratic actions from the United States politicians for speaking regarding the politics of America but has now opted to stay quiet regarding the condition of the country, including a ban on the Quran app in China.

It has been criticized by Tim Cook that the ban by the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, on seven major Muslim countries in the year 2017.

However, accusations have been made on Mr. Cook regarding compliance with the government of China over some censorship regulations and for not criticizing the country publicly regarding their immoral treatment of the Muslim minorities that are residing in the country.

Another popular app of a religious topic, the Olive Tree’s Bible app, has also been taken down by Apple at the start of this week in China.

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