Apple Needs to Make iPhone Better Through iOS 15

The Time Has Come for Apple to Make Their iPhone ‘Pro’ Variants with More Professional Software Upgrades

Apple’s World-Wide Developers Conference is an annual event where developers from across the world are able to attend live sessions while having a chance to meet with some of the engineers working for Apple. This year’s WWDC is expected to occur in the second week of the month of June and is likely to provide a preview of the next upcoming versions for iPadOS and iOS (which are likely to be named iOS 15).

Innovative upgrading by Apple

People are hoping that the upcoming newer versions of Apple’s operating system for their smartphone devices would provide some additional rumored features in their pro models. Currently, the iPhone pro variants of the smartphones are distinguished from a regular iPhone is the increased price, sides made out of stainless steel, different exterior finishing, and some features in hardware including additional RAM, telephoto lens, LiDAR sensor, which helps in taking portrait mode images, autofocus facility in the dim-lit environment and augmented reality.

The next iteration for the upcoming Apple iOS 15 is required to have more innovative features, along with settings that are solely designed for the iPhone pro models. This would allow the smartphone device to target more savvy consumers while providing a much clearer distinguishable characteristic from the regular iPhone variant.

In the iPhone 12 Pro Max model by Apple, the smartphone has a 6.7 inches OLED display but lacks the additional software features which could utilize and take advantage of the bigger screen size.

In the year 2011, Steve Jobs introduced to the world the iPad 2, for which he stated that the insides of this smart device house the DNA of Apple as the technology alone would not be enough. The device is made with innovation and is a byproduct of a combination of technology with liberal arts and humanities, which can be observed in these post-PC smart devices in the form of iPad 2.

Even ten years later, the tech firm Apple is still stuck at the metaphorical intersection of liberal arts with technology. The multiple variants for the iPhone 12 lineup are very similar to each other, with the Pro Max model being an outlier in the series. Other devices recently launched by Apple in the past year, like the iPad Pro with M1 chipset, share substantial overlap in a Venn diagram with the MacBook laptop series.

The iPad Pro looks and feels very similar to a Mac but is unable to behave like one. Despite Apple’s installation of ‘pro’ hardware, it uses the exact software which is featured in the iPad Air and iPhone. The improvements in the hardware technology by Apple have outpaced the upgrades in software that is currently working on the iPad Pro, which hinders its usage in personal, professional, scientific, and creative consumption of the device.

In the year 2014, when Apple launched the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, they were able to start some of the tailored features in the iOS. The iPhone 6 Plus was the first smartphone device by Apple to have a large screen display, providing additional opportunities to be included in the iOS 8 update that no previous iPhone had.

As an example, when the iPhone 6 Plus is rotated from portrait to landscape mode, the Mail application would be able to show a list of the messages received in the inbox on the left side of the phone’s display, and the current mail on a large portion on the right side. This feature was not revolutionary but has shown the potential in making future iPhones with larger display sizes and adding more unique iOS features.

Upgrades in iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max

Although the days of launching the iPhone Plus models by Apple are long gone, in the year 2020, when Apple launched their iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max variants had additional special features that were not available in the regular iPhone 12 and 12 mini models, as the high-end models included the facility to take Apple ProRaw images. This special mode can easily be activated by navigating through the Settings application, which then adds a Raw button on the top right corner of the Camera app.

Yet aside from some of the differences in the hardware, there are no major changes in the software of both iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max variants, and the addition of the word ‘pro’ by Apple is thought to be a marketing tactic.

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