Apartheid and Persecution Are Major Israeli Crimes: HRW

Palestinians Are Suffering from Oppression and Discrimination from Israeli Authorities

Israel has been committing crimes of persecution and apartheid against the Arabs in the territories which are occupied along with the country of Israel itself, according to the Human Rights Watch. A recent report stated that Israel has a policy intact for the maintenance of domination over the Palestinians by the Jewish Israelis, including those individuals who are citizens of the country as part of the Israeli crimes.

Oppressive crimes in Israel

Apartheid is considered a crime against the entire humanity and amounts to the racial discrimination sanctioned by the state. The foreign ministry of Israel has rejected the report made against these Israeli crimes as fake and preposterous.

The country has accused the international campaign group of having an agenda against Israel for a long duration and carrying out the current campaign on Israeli crimes, which has no connection to the actual facts or has a ground reality. The President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has welcomed the report.

He said that this is an urgent matter in which the international community should intervene as soon as possible, including to make sure that the organizations, companies, or states are not taking part in any shape or form in the execution of heinous war crimes along with committing of Israeli crimes against humanity.

The Arab minority located in Israel comprises around just a little 20% of the total population of the country, which is about 9.3 million individuals. Meanwhile, the Palestinians comprise at least 2.5 million residents in the region of West Bank that is occupied by Israel and around 350,000 individuals in the Israeli-occupied region of East Jerusalem.

Around 1.9 million Palestinians are currently residing in the Gaza Strip, which is considered occupied by Israel by the United Nations.

The territories occupied by Israel have been since the Middle East War, which occurred in the year 1967. It later pulled out in the year 2005 from Gaza, but most of its borders are controlled by it, along with the airspace and the coastal water areas.

The Jews residing in the area are more than 600,000, which are currently scattered in about 140 settlements that are built in the East Jerusalem and West Bank. Most of the international community has considered these settlements along with the Israeli crimes as illegitimate under the rulings of international law, although it has been disputed by Israel on many occasions.

Crimes despite urge from international law

According to the 213 pages report by the Human Rights Watch, entitles as A Threshold Crossed, has stated that the reality of Present-day Israel is that it has become the sole governing power of most of the region, and in the remainder of the areas, it is able to exercise the primary authority alongside the limited self-rule of Palestinians.

Across these various areas and in multiple aspects of life, the authorities of Israel have been able to methodologically given the privilege to the Israelis that are Jewish while discriminating against the Palestinian residents of the country. The Israeli crimes against Palestinians have also been going on for the past several years despite major backlash from the international community.

The policies, statements, and laws made by the leading officials of Israel have made in plain that the objective to maintain the control by the Jewish Israel over the political power, land, and demographics have guided the policies by the government for a long time.

To pursue their goal, the authorities have confined, dispossessed, subjugated, and forcibly separated the Palestinians by virtue of their identity to various degrees of its intensity. The governing body of the country is conducting Israeli crimes of hate on minorities.

In specified areas of Israel, the deprivations have become very severe that they constitute crimes against the human race or apartheid and persecution.

Apartheid was a policy made regarding racial segregation along with discrimination which was initially enforced by the government of white minority against the majority of black residents in the region of South Africa from the time period of 1948 to 1991.

The Human Rights Watch has said that apartheid today is a legalized term used universally, and the prohibition against the particularly severe level of institutional oppression and discrimination that goes with it constitutes a fundamental principle of international law.

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