Antibody testing started in Italy

Antibodies are developed in previously recovered individuals of COVID 19

Antibodies Are Developed From Recovered Individuals of Coronavirus Patients

It is now being expected that the worst wave of COVID 19 has passed from Italy after the infected count has reached 124,632 across the country, out of which 15,362 individuals died, which is the highest record of death in a single country up till now across the globe. Italy has been under strict lockdown for several weeks now as it was considered to be the epicentre of the deadly virus.

Antibody testing started in Italy, which is a step towards the reopening of the country. As advised by the health officials and some politicians in the country, antibody transfusion for a previously infected COVID 19 patient would provide immunity against COVID 19 and help the person able to go outside and travel without the risk of getting the infection due to which antibody testing started in Italy to slowly release the country from lockdown.

COVID 19 antibody provides immunity against virus

Having the correct antibodies against a virus in the bloodstream would provide the person’s immunity against the virus due to which antibody testing started in Italy for the general population to have an immune response against COVID 19 that would help them have a safer public interaction without the risk of acquiring the virus.

Antibody testing started in Italy as no antidote has been discovered yet against COVID 19, and politicians are under massive stress to reopen businesses in countries after experiencing a global economic recession, which is affecting every country across the world. The former Prime Minister of Italy has spoken about a COVID pass for those individuals who previously acquired the infection, but recovered back to health, and those individuals can travel outside without restrictions as their body does contain the required antibody immune response against the virus.

The current Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte said that while the country wide lockdown is still instated, the government has started working along with multiple scientists across the country to help them determine the ways by which they can send the immune people back to their workplaces along with antibody testing started in Italy. Multiple debates are going on regarding how to reopen the country back after the lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

The debate over antibody testing started in Italy as the procedure might be an uncomfortable ethical choice for some people, but is better than the inevitable aftermath of treating young patients with a higher chance of recovery against the old and fragile infected patients of COVID 19.

The usage of these antibodies would spark an issue across the country as more privileged people in the society would be able to get the immunity against the COVID 19 pandemic much faster than the poor or weak sector of the country. Multiple studies are being conducted across the world in various countries to find a potential source of immunity from antibodies that are formed after COVID 19 infection in the bloodstream, which can be transmitted via blood transfusion.

Country-wide lockdown in Italy

Italy was the first European country that initiated a country wide lockdown to prevent further spread of the virus after experiencing a massive surge in the infected patients of COVID 19 across the country. The lockdown began on March 9 and is currently undergoing. The rate of the infected patients is starting to decline, and patients with other diseases and pathogens are in more amount as compared to COVID 19.

The government of the country is trying to strike a balance between ensuring the safety of the general population and getting the country back on its feet while the procedure of antibody testing started in Italy to provide protection against the virus as soon as possible. The decision would be based on what is right for society against individual rights.

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