Anger In Iran After Honour Killing A Girl

A 14-Year-Old Girl Was Decapitated By Her Father

A 14-Year-Old Girl Was Decapitated By Her Father

Romina Ashrafi, a 14-year-old girl in Iran, has been in the name of honour after she allegedly ran away with her boyfriend. The local police department has arrested the man responsible for killing his daughter. There has been a wave of widespread outrage and anger in Iran after honour killing a girl after she allegedly eloped.

Girl decapitated for eloping

The even in the province in Gilan has sparked a massive outburst of anger in Iran after honour killing a girl as she ran away with his 35 years old boyfriend. The father of the girl disapproved against their relationship between a 14-year-old girl and a 35 year old man. Both individuals were found together by the local police and sent back to their respective homes despite multiple protests by the girl that she fears for her life.

On Thursday, she has been supposedly decapitated by her father with a sickle while she was sleeping inside her bedroom. Following that, the father came out of the house while still carrying the murder weapon in his hand and confessed. As the spread of extensive rage and anger in Iran after honour killing a girl for running away from the house, the events were later highlighted on the front page of the national newspaper.

Nation’s response against honour killing across Iran

The entire nation is suffering from insecure parental households that failed to safeguard girls and women due to the prevailing constitute of the country. There has been tremendous anger in Iran after honour killing a girl, shocking the general population of the country.

To show their support and condemning the injustice act, the hashtag of Romina Ashrafi has been used by the people on twitter for more than tens of thousands of times. This act of unfairness is not the first act nor will be the last in the name of honour killings in the region. These acts will proceed as long as the cultural thinking of the local communities is not changed.

The Islamic civil code in Iran reduces the criminal sentence for all family members who have been charged with homicide or physical trauma to their offspring in the case of domestic violence.

What constitutes as honour killing?

Murder of any family member who is comprehended to have brought dishonor and shame upon their family and relatives is said to be in the name of honor killing. As there has been a massive spark of anger in Iran after honour killing a girl, the case of the father of the decapitated child will be tied is special court. Under the current law of the country, the father is expected to face a prison sentence of ten years.

Refusal towards arranged marriage, the victim of rape, and sexual assault or alleged sexual relationships outside of marriage are some of the most common reasons for honour killing in the region of the Middle East. There are multiple other trivial excuses to kill someone, including inappropriate and disobedient behavior.

The penalty of honor killing in Iran is ten years in a correctional facility, as compared to a normal death sentence carried out for all other murder charges. The number of cases of honour killing is continuously increasing every year, most of which occur in rural or tribal societies.

A new bill is expected to pass in the near future inside Iran, which would help protect the women and girls in the country against honour killing, domestic abuse, and violence. This new legislation is stressed upon by the respective authorities after the massive widespread anger in Iran after honour killing a girl who was just 14 years old.

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