Andy Jassy Becomes New Amazon CEO

New Face of Amazon Takes over The Position of Jeff Bezos Due to An Increase in Labor And Antitrust Practices

It has been five months since the founder of the e-commerce firm Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has publicly announced that the upcoming CEO of the company would be the creator of Amazon Web Services, Andy Jassy. Now the time to hand off the firm has arrived, and Jeff Bezos has left his position on Monday and has become the executive chair of the board of the firm at the time when Amazon has been able to collect unprecedented profits alongside attracting scrutiny from regulatory authorities.

Andy Jassy, new Amazon CEO, who was already a chief executive in his own rights as being the head and creator of the Amazon Web Services, would become the new face of Amazon and is trying to portray the image to the world as a thoughtful employer of the e-commerce firm, along with a server to the currently declining environment and an exemplary corporate civilian.

This might be due to the fact that the firm has added two newly constructed principles in the past week to the list of strategies for working staff members and leadership roles, which are ‘strive to become the best employer across Earth’ and ‘scale and success bring about broad responsibilities.

Antitrust lawsuits

The e-commerce firm has been able to grow further due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Amazon was already an enormous retail corporation, which has spent the previous year amid the coronavirus pandemic to scale upwards in an attempt to meet up with the rapid surge of shopping demands from individuals that were stuck at home during the rapid transmission of the deadly COVID-19 infection.

Amazon has gained massive beneficial input from the increased demand by their consumers due to online shopping of items ranging from food and beverages to supplies for pets, which has become a trend that, according to the observers of e-commerce says will continue forward even when physical stores are to open again across the United States.

Additionally, the cloud computing unit under the supervision of Andy Jassy is able to control one-third of the entire market and has significant power when it comes to decisions made regarding the selected services that are to be kept online.

The friendly image of Amazon that is currently being set across the market is being pushed by the continuing antitrust lawsuits, potential legislations, and probes. The competing ability of Amazon with other market brands across the online marketplace has potentially helped a team of federal lawmakers to recently propose new legislation that would separate those categories of business and remove any competitive advantage for the giant e-commerce firm.

The National Labor Relations Board of the United States is currently considering starting an investigation into a generalized pattern of retaliation against the working staff members from Amazon who organize a walkout at the firm, after being able to find some of the cases in which Amazon has reportedly fired an employee on illegitimate grounds or have taken disciplinary actions.

The firm is currently waiting for a decision to arrive from the Labor Board to confirm whether the actions taken by the firm during a union organizing movement at one of the warehouses located in Alabama had been in violation of the labor regulations, which has the probability of prompting for another union selections.

According to the announcement made by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, that the top priority at Amazon is to build worker power.

Obligations for new Amazon CEO

Before Andy Jassy, Jeff Bezos had to deal with the scrutiny, but now that Andy Jassy is in charge as the new Amazon CEO, he would have to keep in check while undertaking a huge leadership responsibility. It is yet to be observed the way by which Andy Jassy would handle the ongoing investigations, along with the steering divisions of Amazon for which he was not in charge before.

Andy Jassy has been able to construct the cloud service business of Amazon into a leader in the market, which has later become the most profitable segment of Amazon. However, Andy Jassy is yet to face questions from the regulatory authorities and Congress.

The previous media presence of Andy Jassy has shown him to be very comfortable while speaking regarding controversies and conversant in the dominance and size of the stance of Amazon. But at that time, he was not in charge of the entire Amazon firm.

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